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Curious if a Shadow PvP build would be best for doing Old Content Solo or if there is a better solo build out there.

Also curious what the highest place that would be soloable for a Priest no matter what that build.

If there isn't much I can solo then how about duo with a feral druid, would I be able to do a lot at that point in time?
Soloing is all about balancing damage taken with healing done/damage done. Shadow should be enough healing for soloing a lot of older content, how far you can get with it is probably something you'll need to figure out for yourself. If you dont have enough self healing as shadow, try atonement disc, more healing but less damage.
I solo'd all of Kara, AQ20, ZG and most of MC at level 80 as Shadow with strictly a pve spec. I haven't tried AQ40 at level 85, but everything up to Emps should be solo'able with exception to Viscidus. Psychic Horror is useless in most cases as most bosses can't be disarmed, and Silence is lackluster since I want bosses to be casting as much as they can considering SD attacks tickle in comparison to most melee attacks.

Magtheridon is a bit of a bugger as you need to kill the Summoners (through heals, which if I recall, are immune to Silence) very quickly before they start summoning infernals. Gruuls Lair is probably solo'able (haven't tried this at 85 yet either), as are most if not all WotLK heroics.

The only changes I'd make would have a Dispersion glyph instead of SWD, and use Inner Fire over a Psychic Scream/Mass Dispel or w.e third Major glyph people tend to use.


Duo'ing you should be able to solo everything except for Twin Emps. Possibly even snag some Naxx10 bosses as well.
I do MC, AQ20, Za and Kara every week with a regular pve shadow spec just fine. Wasn't able to do Mags or Gruuls though - too many healers on mags, and Im just chain stunned/feared/etc on the high king fight.

Most of the BC heroics were soloable at 80, so Im sure they're even easier now. I've done heroic UP a few times to try for the mount, but haven't tried soloing any of the other Wrath heroics.

The only thing I'd really take different in a soloing spec would be imp. PW:shield.
You can solo virtually anything with a path bug. And there are many more path bugs than are publicly known.
At 80, my disc priest was able to solo all normal BC dungeons; this was before Smite healing. She was able to solo some easier normal Northrend dungeon, but heroics are a little too much, since her top dps would be 5Kish.

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