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Re-using the old models isn't lazy, it's simply practical.

Whether or not you like they way they look is kind of a pointless argument since it's impossible to please everyone. The same issue would arise even with the use of new models since there would inevitably be a difference of opinion about those as well.

I'm all for new/updated content in more frequent patches and as long as what is being brought to the table provides interesting, fun and engaging gameplay. That's what's important here.

Besides, these instances are meant as a stepping stone into the current, and upcoming raid content. Chances are if you are raiding regularly, you won't be wearing this gear for very long if you consider the old gear models to be that much of an issue.
03/11/2011 8:58 PMPosted by Ensabanur
This is what they never should have done. They should of left old content as old content and put their minds together to make new content.

Awesome logic right here.

Create all this content(which is now "old" content).

But never update it.

Let it sit there so people can run through it once...maybe twice while leveling.

If its a raid at lower levels...never run it because you want your toon at max level.

Old content takes up space and is very rarely used.

Blizzard should hire you. You'll never waste them a dollar...

No, he's right. Content should be left alone.

What's next? Ulduar brought back at a LV85 raid? No offense but to those that did clear it at LV80, that's a big bummer since it will certainly look the same. The place might as well be bland to them since they already seen it. The bosses certainly won't be as deep as they was in the past.

Even thought I never cleared Ulduar yet to this day, these news will make me one very sad panda.
03/11/2011 6:47 PMPosted by Genavieve
Says the dwarf that dinged 85 levels, and doesn't QQ over the golden ding being the same every time.

You know, even for a trolling attempt that was pretty lame.
I'm pretty sure zar said that the gear is going to represent the gear it did back then. Check blue posts.

rehash content qq qq qq
ZA/ZG armor was different from the norm when it came out and most of who talked about it enjoyed the models. i for one still do and am happy to see them return, it makes sense to have them look the same as in the past (or very similar) since they are tied to the zone they are coming from.. i would not expect blue flaming smooth death knight armor to drop from a troll.. id expect more of... bamboo tied together with skulls on spikes for my shoulders.. o wait they did that.. and it was awesome.
i dont see it as lazy to bring back content we all enjoyed. did you ever think to yourself.. damnit hate this place why do we raid here? no. ty blizz gogo old content revamp!! (sorry for the crappy punctuation)
dude i think blizzard did great on ZG and it was too short lived, zin'rohk was a BEASTY lookin sword, and the loa priests had sick drops, arlokk's grasp 2 pc proc, you turn into a freakin tiger demi god w/ 100% added attack power? that was god in bg's back in vanilla fer atp based classes. old skins and artwork should get recycled b/c if its 5 years old anyway, about 50% of the playerbase has prolly never seen it anyway
Some of us really like the look of old-school loot, which is why Emberstone Staff is part of my RP set. I like that when they updated Deadmines, they kept the look of some of the gear and just updated the stats.

Haters gonna hate.
I don't mind some revamping, but I think it was a mistake to make the first content patch just rehashed content.
that 'world destroyer' weapon looked awesome.. it'll be nice to see that come back.

On a side note.. in the original ZG, there was a set of fist weapons with a very fun proc :)
Any chance of seeing those (and maybe the proc) coming back?

It's already back. Look up the 2h rare Epic sword from Archaeology.
My rogue still has her Madcap set, and I think it's one of the best looking sets in the game.

I'd also have my ZG spiderman set, were it not for bag space.

I'm salivating to get back into EITHER of those sets.

Also, who the heck doesn't LOVE those snakey weapons.
that 'world destroyer' weapon looked awesome.. it'll be nice to see that come back.

On a side note.. in the original ZG, there was a set of fist weapons with a very fun proc :)
Any chance of seeing those (and maybe the proc) coming back?
the weapon you mention is currently a BoA with higher item level then anything that could drop from ZG xD

and yeah what exactly is the 'OMG IT DROPPED' sort of thing that Zhin'rok destroyer of worlds... was... now that it has become a BoA(and a terribad BoA at that >.< wish it scaled with level like regular boa lol)
03/11/2011 7:12 PMPosted by Effervesce
ZA had some of the best looking armour in game, imo.

pancake shoulder.

that is all
03/11/2011 7:03 PMPosted by Zarhym
Many of the items found in Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman will have identical or similar art to the original items which dropped in these dungeons, as though they're thematically linked to their environments. ;)
YAY! :D That gear always looked so badass!
They didn't keep SFK and VC the same.

Why would they do it with ZA and ZG? Hell, just due to RDF they'd have to change mechanics on some fights, so you don't need certain classes.

Ill give blizzard credit where credit is due, im sure the fights and what-not will breath some fresh air but they have always been awful about weapon and armor models and i am willing to bet the models at best will be rehashed.

So? ZG and ZA gear looks 10x better than anything introduced in Cataclysm

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