Can we have less winged raids?

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Good god the only thing worse than ToC was ToGC. Hey...let's make ToC harder, less interesting, more head-bashy, and now with NO ROOM FOR ERROR!~ Yayyyyy! Oh wait, what?

not to mention that stupid lets put a pvp fight right in the 3rd encounter uggg ToC
LOL 3rd boss. In Cadia we had ALOT of strictly PvE'rs that hated PvP, and I still remember one of them getting insta killed and yelling KILL THAT RET PALLY, OMG!
While I did enjoy icc, I didn't like how the storyline went at all. We hear about some guy named bolvar, which most people know nothing about, and we think, "Ok, lets go rescue this guy so we can kill the lich king." 9 bosses later, the story picks up again...

Nothing develops at all until you reach the lich king. You just kill some enemies that are between you and the lich king. When you finally get there, it's a pretty neat story. There is a small side story at deathbringer saurafang, but it doesn't seem to relate to the "rescue bolvar and kill arthas" line at all. I felt really proud when I killed the lich king because I played into a great story, not just killed some boss and got his loot.

I think the consensus is clear: having a good story and a non-linear raid style seems to be what people want
It was about 2 am, Friday morning (or Thursday evening if you prefer) and my 10 man group had just cleared through the awfully brutal trash in the first hallway of Mimiron's section of Ulduar. We'd been raiding for hours on end, actually almost days on end when you calculate in the 25 man raids our guild was doing as well. We were all brutally tired, but we wanted to press on.

I noticed the design was classic Titan design from instances such as Halls of Lightning, Halls of Stone, and the various inner tunnels out in Storm Peaks. I liked this design and didn't really think much of it though, it felt natural so I guess it sorta blended in a little.

We come across this little console, with a ramp, leading up to what at the time was unlike anything I'd ever seen before in the game. A big floating train, with an incredibly futuristic looking tunnel. We all made our way onto the train, and soon enough, it zoomed off, and took us to the other side of this tunnel.

I still remember running off the train, and down that small stretch of metal flooring to the large downward ramp. And then I stopped. There it was in front of me...a large gigantic futuristic room, huge interior space hinting that there was more to Mimiron's realm than just this room.

Above his circular room was this big gigantic machine with green lights and lasers, and huge hydraulic moving parts.

I was in awe. I loved it. I never felt in awe of anything in this game until I saw that. It made staying up and raiding all the more worth it.

And that's why great level design is as important as great boss design.

I'm just quoting this to say thanks and pimp Ulduar, one of WoW's all-time crowning jewels.
I don't think this is something blizzard can strive to fix....I think all of the "bad guys" in wow just ask for the same architect when building their evil lairs ;)

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