Looking For a Raiding Guild

Hello i am currently new to server and looking for a proper raiding guild. anything from 3 nights a week to Extreme Hardcore.

I am Fury Spec dps..ilvl 359.
I am also a very dedicated raider,

I am available 7 nights a week from 7pm-3am server time

Except Thursdays 8:30-9pm-1:30am

I know my class and what i am doing and i am a very focused player.

IF there is anything going please feel free to let me know thanks
Its too bad your on alliance :(
I would get the gm on my guild but your alliance, sorry.
Well i am currently changing to horde atm ^^
That's a shame! If you haven't and want x-fer servers feel free to come talk :D Best of luck!
Still being some what set up and under construction but check our site out of your interested. http://vortacity.wowstead.com/ - A new site is being designed by myself but we are using wowstead untill its been implemented as we get more members and more organisation.
<Game Øver>
10 man guild - Horde - Frostmourne

Or email/MSN chat: nettsharkjnr@hotmail.com
Hi There, I'm in a Level 25 Guild with 7 banks tabs and free raider repairs. This is an open recruitment call. No level requirements or gear requirements. We are just looking for the right people to join us.

Look i know you guys have your own guild but the server is very low pop. so maybe you and your group would consider joining us.

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