[A] <Lucid> recruiting 2 raid healers

Guild: Lucid (Alliance 10man)
Schedule: 3 nights – T, TH, SU (7:15 invites, 7:30 pull, 10:30 end)
Website: http://lucid-garona.guildlaunch.com

Looking for:
2 Healers

Who we are:
Lucid is a close group of friends that have been raiding together for quite some time. A few of us since WoW launched so many years ago. We were a part of 40man raids in MC, together still when raiding dropped down to 25man, and now we have found a very nice fit with 10man raiding. In short, we are a group of adults that enjoy raiding and killing baddies. We all also have many responsibilities in our lives and as such we do not necessarily have the time to devote 16+ hours a week to progression raiding, so when we do raid, we expect our raiders to be ready to go, on time, fully prepped. No drama is tolerated.

Lucid began its raiding schedule on Jan 11th, killed its first boss on Jan 16th, and our 10th, Cho’gall, on Mar 6th. http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/garona

At this time, Lucid is looking for 2 Healers to round out our 4man rotating healer group that would also include a Holy Paladin and Resto Shaman. Ideally, a Resto Druid and Holy Priest would be perfect, but exceptional healers of any kind are welcome to apply.

Please visit our website for more details on our raiding and requirements and to submit an application.

To contact us in game, please whisper or mail Galkurac or Myokina.

Thank you for your time,
Good Day All,

Lucid is still in the market for 2 raid healers. Take a look at us in the Armory and WoWProgress. If you like what you see there, contact us in game.

We would love to hear from you.

Thank you,

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