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Burning Legion
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Are there any old school players from vanilia WoW left on the server?
Alliance side, brah!
nah girl.
If only I hadn't deleted or renamed literally all of my vanilla characters and their hundreds of days played, I could provoke exchanges such as:
"Who are you?"
"No one memorable, apparently."

Damn it, I ran <Future KotS>! It was wildly successful and prompted half-dozens of inquiries like "Is this a KotS feeder guild?" "Yes. Yes, it is."

Also, this thread smells like weiners.
theres a lot of day 1 people still here
There are a ton of people still playing, they just dont care enough to tell you.
I am... though I didn't play this toon or on this sever during Vanilla ;)
I see you req!

not originally from this server...
03/17/2011 12:04 PMPosted by Seradi
I see you req!

/vanish... crap i'm not a rogue... /mc you don't see the shadowy figure over here
Never heard of Vanilla... Although, I have been around since a week after launch.
Alpha was fun I heard.
anyone remember Cavos or Snovv?
What's Vanilla? Is that like Ice cream? IPU Forever amigad.
Old vanilla player here

just came to this server at the start of BC
I raided with Consequence on this server back in the days of raiding BWL and AQ40 (not on this toon). Good times.

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