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Burning Legion
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Woah! Crazy just seeing that guild name again. Too bad everyones gone. I ran into Silariana on Warhammer ages back. Probably the last old member of SWVG I've seen lately. Thought I had found Scummer too, but wasn't him.

Oh here we go, http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v217/Hippaulz/LegendarySeeker.jpg
From the day we had got our first binding


Just a general pic showing the raid comp back then. Some massive nostalgia seeing those old names again!

wow this thread still on the 1st page? So are there any former Legendary Warlords, Raven Guard, Pro, Hazhorde, RuN, Nex Odium, or Da Carebears still on Burning Legion?

RG officially died some where between maulgar and gruul. We've had about 10% of the guild return each xpac since then. As of now, everyone has moved onto other games, have families, working on their Patrick Swayze look alike competition, are still Canadian...etc
Who you calling "Old"?

I've been on this server since v1.x
I am still around... Plan on sticking around for a lot longer.

I was originally in VHMG(Squirrel was the bomb-Still facebook friends with him)

Versaille is another FISTER that is still around
Oh man, just took a look at that SWVG image.... Sybex, Frosta, Zan...
My main on Burning Legion in Vanilla was an orc hunter named Urdoom and a troll rogue named Lazzar. I don't have any of my friends from vanilla left who still play.
I played pretty casually back in the day on my hunter Esaric on alliance, but ended up losing the account over payment issues (at the time was on my mom's credit card and she cancelled the payment when she didn't know what it was). I started back up in Wrath and everyone who I had played with was already gone (played a dk Imdannyboy who is probably still at 80). After I realized they were all gone, I packed my bags and moved to horde through most of Dragon Soul.
Yes, I am still around but am thinking of moving elsewhere. Everyone in my guild is gone.
Hello all,

So today I reinstalled and fired up the game after 2 years. It appears that everything has changed. I was wondering about the population are there any Vanilla players left on the BL. Anybody from Tyranny, OG, APOC, Enigma.
Quick question which class would be best to start back at
Anybody remember the good old day with Tonytoka and Okonkwo! The infamous N9 baby.
I don't play on BL anymore but I was Jarlan, dwarf hunter. Was on this server since day 4 of game release.
Few names do still sound familiar hehe, hi all.
DVSone here from Consequence and the battlegrounds! How is everyone? Kyris and myself still drop in from time to time!
Oh how I miss Burning Legion
Dvsone is a name that brought shame to the paladin class :D
Apparently you didn't play enough with me to know the real truth of the matter =D Bizz who was your main char? I have to say the only horde I miss seeing are Ropetown and OG. Only two guilds that gave the "Grand Marshall group a run for our money in the bg's" Oh the memories!
Yes, I am still around but am thinking of moving elsewhere. Everyone in my guild is gone.
Good to see you still around! We need to meet up and do some arena/bg's if I can lvl the human pally up!
I was playing day 1 Mal Ganis...but server went down for like 3 or 4 days so I rolled a few toons at burning legion instead. Only notable guilds I was on were resurrection and El Dorado on this toon or my priest Bright.


If you don't hate Octavian (Kirin Tor guild master) then you weren't a real Vanilla player

Guy was like server first epic ground mount because he made the first spam-invite guild and told everyone in the huge guild to send him free cloth...basically a big scammer and scumbag that was also a weirdo-creeper to people in game.
Hah, Octavian... I remember running Scholomance back when it was ran with 10 people, and he took it so seriously, so myself and two friends in the "raid" just ignored him and proceeded to pull/kill everything at our own discretion until he booted us.

Oh, and I remember you Dvsone, Cylea (hunter) here from consequence! (I only raided BWL through c'thun).
I'm just f-ing with you.
It was Thebizz back then (paladin also)

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