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Burning Legion
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Most of Limitless, including myself, have either been here since day one of very early vanilla. Limitless is actually still mostly limitless members from vanilla.
What is this 'old school' you speak of dear boy ?
I don't think I've seen Surak since BC.
04/26/2011 07:29 AMPosted by Sinnermighty
Mhm. I was in Vanilla, although not on this server, and on my original Night Elf Rogue. OH HOW I MISS BEING A NIGHT ELF ROGUE...

Obviously missed the point of this thread.

Say 33 for me please Sinner? LOL
Omg, I don't know if your the right person, but I remember an orc warrior who made me laugh on vent when he said 33. Raided with Jerhunk and Gorejuice.
Is this the thread where people post then people say "who?" after it?
07/20/2011 09:40 PMPosted by Sota
Is this the thread where people post then people say "who?" after it?

Pretty much, yeah.
<Mjollnir> back in vanilla, though I moved the original DX to another server. Though it seems only 2-3 original members are still in it with names I recognize.
Old vanilla player here

just came to this server at the start of BC

LOL I remmeber you posting quite often back in TBC days :P
no, !@#$ this server

<--- Diah

was in tyranny way back in the day, rerolled a human rogue during bc (before you could pay to switch) then xfered horde for wotlk.

Myth Gaiya, Eredwyn, Shazbot, Glacier and Bakalakadaka still play too.
08/08/2011 04:56 AMPosted by Roflahalt
I'm looking for something wet to smash with these gloves.

LOL f u
how is slumlord not banned, honestly
can you re-tell the story of the police coming to the house to ask your brother to stop leaving poop everywhere

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