Old School Players

Burning Legion
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This toon was once a troll named majavi. Best wishes to everyone from back in vanilla, hope all is well with you!
Erm - i played vanilla originally on this server :)

Edit: not on this character tho
Just got back from a 4yr absence. Played Vanilla through BC. I remember a few of you; mostly from BGs :)
Lol I've had this toon on this server since I barely learned to play WoW :P
Great Pvp and Pve Memories, tried to transfer off, but eh, just kept comin back
Speaking of Pvp, Anyone remember that B@$!@7* Ownation? XD
Oh and that Gnome Warrior Boohoho Lol >< I wished I still had my female dwarf pally to duel people with :D
11/08/2011 09:57 AMPosted by Thagsolot
ive been hur since eva, but was alliance until about 3 months ago. i remember Snovv, leader of Aenigma, quit to do his thesis or something, and Laceration and his pally healer Poc. Then came along Nitronix, who i still have nightmares of him trollin trade chat. Azliashane still plays on multiple toons, as does Pyrox. Still alot here, Raned as well, miss all of the pvp guys that was here, Jackharley, Oldpriests, and lots others. before bgs went realmwide, that was the good ol days of WoW.

Hey Thags, Remember that one time you Accidentally Bought the GM Staff ? XD
sup pimps
So did Mardy ever get level 60?
Just in time for BC....then we had to break the news to him.
Yea. I've been playing DK since Vanilla Beta launch.
I see a few names I recall from the glory days of WOW!
I still have nightmares of that guy
still here
If I don't see old players or new players in WoW, do either exist?
LW downed RAG!

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