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Burning Legion
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Don't play this toon much any more I came in right after nax hit but wasn't level 60 till like the day before bc lol anyone remember Scraw?
What's going on in here?
Hmmmm I just started playing again after like a 7 year break. Good to see some people still around although there doesn't seem to be much open world pvp besides my !@#$ty mage getting jumped doing dailys. (My name is Alroker by the way.) I got some screenshots of vanilla pvp.


edit: just realized the last reply to this was months ago
Alliance side characters off the brain - Snovv,
Alliance side guilds off the brain - Advent, Ironfist, AEnigma, and their recruit guild, zesty clam meat.
Horde side characters off the brain - Creepindeath, Axxel,
Horde guilds off the brain - Og, Consequence.
It's been awhile of course.
I'm back though if anyone still plays. Ravenash - the lagging s2-s4 glad rogue.
I played in Vanilla, and my guild Dark Breed is still here =D
Lots of familiar faces.

I also played a rogue named Seather.

Hi Reece! Long time dood!

I miss SBA
Only vanilla players i remember outside of Reece and SBA people was Octavian (human mage), Thursday (troll rogue) and some dickhead orc warrior that would sit on the road right outside of redridge and just gank all day.
wow this thread still on the 1st page? So are there any former Legendary Warlords, Raven Guard, Pro, Hazhorde, RuN, Nex Odium, or Da Carebears still on Burning Legion?
Some of us are still around....
Just started playing again
Just resurrected my character after 4 years of break :) Not sure why I did it, will probably not be there a long time.
I remember Raven guard.
I wonder if any of my old guildies from <Stormwind Vanguard> are still around. Was pretty amazing that guild got formed from people pugging raids in the channel 'mcftw'. A guild formed by pugs was pretty unheard of back in the day.

This realm is really on life support now.. been here since vanilla.. so much nastalgia, but I don't think they can save it at this point. So sad...

Pretty much just waiting for an all in one character transfer option b/c I refuse to throw a bunch of money away just to get my collection of characters to a decent server and some friends/guildies are in the same boat.

Long live the classic days of BL!
Perhaps this is a sign of the imminent doom of WoW as we know it?
Here's your answer, my friend :-) yes.. original SWVG member still on this server, cause I'm too damn cheap to move!
and as far as I know, I'm the only one still on this server, although a few still play on other servers.

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