Question for the mages

Daviel is an alt, I'm actually a healer main, but am taking a break from healing (or trying to). My question is fairly simple, though I'd ask trolls please stay home as I am serious, being a healer main I'm still learning magery.

I've done istances and my understanding was that the dps min for heroics is, basically 7ish K dps. Preferably higher on bosses. I'm barely squeaking in at 330 i-lvl, and am throwing 7500ish on trash and 10-11K dps on bosses.

Knowing my gear MUST improve (I know that and am plotting out what heroics to hit next in the hope of decent drops), is this decent?

Thanks much!
You'll probably get more replies on the Mage forum.
Yes go check the mage forums out. They know more about them than the proudmoore forums do :P
Without seeing proper DPS parses, its not the easiest thing to answer since we dont know what boss, grp comps, kill time, timewarp used or not?, spec you were using, spell priorities, rotations, weaving scorch as needed, movement dps, ghow effective you are at keeping a high up time on your dots, etc.

best bet is to DL Rawr, input your setup, and seee what it tell you
I used the mage forums but the trolls attacked and I took it down, which is why I was rather adamant about please no trolls here. I came here because I knew that it was a very progressed server and thus folks had to have a better clue about what they were doing than other places, so here I am. (At least, that's the idea).

I didn't realize I'd need to parse the data as thoroughly as you suggest Alinth, I'll check Rawr again.

Thanks for the responses.

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