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Wyrmrest Accord
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The Shadowtusks, the Lost Tribe.

"In the un-charted mountains of Stranglethorn Vale lived a tribe once called the Shadowtusks, they were a extreme tribe in mastering the arts of Voodoo, Hexing, and becoming great Shadow Hunters. The tribe was not the largest, but it was great in its cunning skills of fighting and the connection to the Loa. In Hakkar's most recent attempt to re-control the Trolls, the Shadowtusks did not find it suitable for them to follow such a Loa that only causes famine, terror, and corruption in the tribes. Although he may grant such great strength and Voodoo strength to some individual Trolls, he is not something tolerated by the Shadowtusk Tribe.

The Chief of the Shadowtusk Tribe, Kiiluway, decided to stop the reign of terror that Hakkar is creating. He had planned to sneak into Zul'Gurub where Hakkar stood at night with the strongest of his Tribe. It was only fifteen Trolls while the majority of his Tribe stayed in the village south of Zul'Gurub. During the night of the attack, one of the members of the Shadowtusks betrayed his brethren and told Jin'do, The Chief of the Hakkari Tribe, what was going to happen. The plan was foiled, the brave warriors fought off waves of Trolls inside Zul'Gurub. Many have died, but only three stood last, and were taken in captive, Kiiluway, Karo'jin, and Zul'rah. They were planned to be sacrifices to Hakkar. days have passed inside a prison cell, yet all the sudden Kiiluway told both Karo'jin and Zul'rah to escape while he distracts the guards. The two escape while Kiiluway is executed on the spot.

Returning to Shadowtusk Village, they find only burned huts and corpses laying all over the village. Some were tied to a post and burned to death, children were drowned in the lake that stood next to the Village. Karo'jin and Zul'rah were devastated, as they went into hiding for three years. As time rolls by like a pindrop, Zul'rah practiced his magic and waited for something to happen, he had meditated, trying to contact spirits of the lost Tribe. During Zul'rah's preparations, Karo'jin practiced his deception and agility as a Shadow Hunter, he too connected with the Spirits. During one day, the sun shifted, and a solar eclipse had occurred . The two pondered at it, then turning to their sides they found the Spirit of Kiiluway, he spoke to them as if he were a deity, not just a spirit, but a Loa. He was Kiiluway, Loa of the Prophecy. He told both Zul'rah and Karo'jin that the time of the Shadowtusks fall is over, they shall re-surface to the world and show their existence. They were told to create a Clan that was to unite the Tribes of Azeroth under a single banner, the banner of the Shadowtusk Clan."
Shadowtusk Clan of Wyrmrest Accord, What you'd like to know about the Guild:

•The Guild does not accept Hakkari Trolls

•Each member who joins is marked as a Troll from that single Tribe. No player-made Tribes will be accepted unless it is presented and accepted by ALL of the Officers

•Each Tribe is given a Tribe Leader, that Tribe Leader is considered an officer rank and is in-character a sub-chief of that Tribe

•Tribe Leader rank is given to a member of a well guild-populated Tribe, for example: There are 20 active Amani members, it's time they need a Tribe Leader

•The guild currently sets its home as Zul'Gurub, we have a system where any member can purchase a hut for a fee of fifty gold in order to raise guild funds.

•This is an ALL TROLL guild, if you -REALLY- want to try and have your "Elf Accepted by Trolls" try joining, please, be my guest, we like dinner.

•Weekly and monthly events are added to the calender almost at a non-stop rate.

•The guild looks for a Troll that is purely Trollish, we do not like to see our members frolicking around Silvermoon City, we are hostile to most races and intruders to our home.

•In order to join, you must contact an officer(currently Zulrah, Ataljang, Zinjanga, and Zuilu) and do an in-character interview
Currently the guild...

•Has a Tribe leader for Darkspear and Bloodscalp

•Contains 6 bank tabs, and is a level 10 guild

•Has around 140 members

•Usually has around 20+ members online at the peak of the day

•Our goal is to have as many active Trolls as possible(Because we shall rule the world!)

•Is the only all-Troll Guild on Wyrmrest Accord

•Is allied with the Ghostwolf Clan, Grimfang Clan, and the Bladewind Clan, all allies are a part of one alliance

What about PvP and PvE?
Currently the guild is in a raiding coalition with 7 other RP guilds to attempt to reach end game content, there are in-character parts in it, such as when we are going to meetings for the next raid or sending off heroes(lvl 85s) Most or all of the in-game raiding is all OOC with Ventrilo. For PvP, we haven't had much going on YET for Cataclysm PvP, but it is starting and there are PvP junkies in the guild if that's also what you may be looking for.

Our website currently is http://shadowtuskclan.guildomatic.com
You may view our new Guild Recruitment Video on the front page
This has been great for the Clan, looking forward to seeing what our Saturday event will do! (Look for us!)

If you have any questions about the Shadowtusks, feel free to drop it here or on our forums and we'll get it answered for ya!

*Proud bump*
Just felt like mentioning how amazing these guys are.

Love you!

I get excited when seeing a member of this clan out and about, and I have come to be anxious if I am hanging around their neck of the woods (properly so); these folks invoke a sense of forboding upon me whenever I encounter them on their lands. They command respect and integrity. There are few, if any, Alliance guilds that can match that sense of ill-ease, even to another member of the Horde, that they provide.

With respect,
Springbok Wildmane
Archdruid of The Earthspear Tribe
In my studies of Azeroth, I've by far found more troll culture across this planet than any other mortal race. Indeed I've heard of the Atal'ai and their strange magicks dealing with this Hakkar. Even an exarch will not step in Zul'Gurrub without a few vindicators at his side.

(I am very impressed by this guild. The video is absolutely badass! I wish I had some knowledge of machinima to make a guild video for my Order!)
*Shifty eyes* They got my vote for best guild
...we are hostile to most races and intruders to our home.

Love that most clause!
Bumpin' dis thread for da troll bruddas.
:| Even if I'm a pink skin I approve this message. Just stop looking like you want to bite my ears off at the next Mok'lohn meeting Light damn it Zul'rah.

- Eternally blessing you with the sun.

Linthara Illu'noir.

((aka bumps for you breh))
I thank you all for all the support, coming from the deep dark voodoo in my heart<3
Hit 85 members ^_^
I wonder how the Shadowtusk will react with the new policy of the Zandalari trolls......
Bumpin' fer mah troll bruddas~

While I'm thinking about it: Would you accept an undead Gurubashi?
Bear bump!

Do you sell/rent out the huts to non-members? I could use a new place to hang out, poor Orgrimmar is getting extremely laggy even with a direct cable connection! >:

Do you sell/rent out the huts to non-members?

They don't like people in their city.

Trust me.
It's in our lore to protect Zul'Gurub from any non-Trolls/Hakkari, we're Trolls, and I don't see why an Elf or anyone would ever want to go there anyway. :/
And we're more loose with Trolls once we see their affiliation with the Hakkari and why they have come.

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