[A]<After Hours> 8/8H LF DPS for MoP

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bump before i go to bed
wat dis
Heroic Conclave finally dead. WTB Warlock to join us for heroic Omnotron.
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Hmmm.. I see you looking for locks! Well, I’m middle of deciding to move out of blackrock for good. I had great time with my old guild. Unfortunately most of them left for summer time or school. So I’m readily looking for active guild that’s raids 2 or 3 time a week.
I would like to join After Hours i LVL 358 PVE, and 12/12 exp. 2/13 exp. Aff/Demo Lock.
i feel pretty
05/26/2011 04:56 PMPosted by Xlyinia
i feel pretty

That's funny
Bumping :)
I know this is warlock post but was wondering if you had any needs for rogue?
05/31/2011 09:27 AMPosted by Dyuku
I know this is warlock post but was wondering if you had any needs for rogue?
Hey, I have a toon that I might be interested in realm transferring over to Stormrage (warlock dps if you still need); do you guys have a website where I can app as well as look over requirements?

My toon is currently 12/12, 2/13(H) although I think it performs to at least a 5/13(H) level; but I can check what you guys want to make sure before realm-transferring. Also, if you guys have a means of messaging/PM/etc. I would love to contact one of your officers before formally applying (I am willing to pay for a realm transfer, but its a pretty irreversible decision in my mind!). Thanks!
If you would like you could talk to me ingame today or mail me, i'll be on for most of the day, or leave the name of your SR char here and ill add you to friends list and get a hold of you when we're both on.
I'll be on as well.
You can also realid me if you want at pbsiburg@gmail.com

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