Getting from Stormwind to Northrend now?

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I thought the boat on the far right at the harbor went to Northrend, now its only a mercanary ship to Vashji or wherever. Anyone know how to get there now other than a mage port? I haven't seen the boat to the NE village on the left either so not sure if its a bug or what.
I'm not completely familiar with how the boat in Stormwind works (haven't been to Vash'jr on my Alliance characters), but if the same boat out of Stormwind Harbor goes to Vash'jr where it originally went to Northrend... I think that sounds like a phasing issue. Because you have the quest to go to Vash'jr, the boat now only goes there.

You might have to complete that quest first, or abandon it, before the boat will let you go to Northrend instead. After you've gone to Vash'jr the first time, you can thereafter use the portal in Stormwind to go back, so the boat won't stay like that forever. :)
Thank you. I have been to Vash'jr on the toon but I did a faction change so it gave me the quest again.

I'll abandon the quest and try again.

EDIT: thats what it was, thanks again.
Just had the same problem in the same situation... same resolution... thanks!

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