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A friend and I are considering blowing our hot-dog stand of a realm, which, could be viewed as a post-apocalyptic version of Times Square on New Years Eve, two seconds before the ball drops. We were fortunate enough to go 12/12 regular modes and both get exalted with our guild, thus getting our Dark Phoenix mounts.

If we were to transfer to another realm, would we lose our Phoenix mounts? We have it bound to us and stuff so I want to say it's ours forever now but....I could be wrong.

Looking for an answer as soon as possible! Thanks guys n_n
amen to this.
Hence why they are "Guild Perks". If you could keep em and guild hop it would defeat the purpose. It may be a little rough especially on a server transfer but it is what it is.
I see the point, I guess I was just hoping for the best for myself.
Also does anyone know about RBG rating? Assuming that drops when you transfer, as well :\

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