Warlock rotation?

I'm assuming destro is top dps right? I start off with immolate, corruption, bane of agony or doom, and curse of weakness so the tank takes less damage. Then I spam searing pain until immolate is nearly done, then conflag. Is this the type of rotation I should be expected to do? I'm still learning the class, and it is very enjoyable.
reducing tank's incoming damage damage isnt your job, use curse of elements for 8% damage unless with an unholy death knight or balance druid as they supply the buff as well. all tanks supply the curse of weakness debuff in some way, and i dont think it stacks.

edit: also, spec demonology, way more fun
I know you're level 32, but this is the lvl 85 rotation. Adapt it to what you have available.

Curse of Elements
Soul Fire - provides a 15 sec buff. Try your best keeping this up.
Chaos Bolt - when ever off CD
Conflag - when ever off CD
Bane of Doom
Incinerate - spam unless DOTs or CDs are ready or needed to be refreshed.

Keep all DOTs up. Refresh them just before they fall off.

As I said, being 32 (according to your post lvl), you won't have all of the above spells available yet. Just posting the 85 rotation for you to see what you would be doing.
Destro isn't really fun at lower levels, until you get Incinerate, the other two specs are both enjoyable for low levels, dots are nice at those levels, and having a pet doing everything for you is also simple. The rotation you mentioned seems to be okay, don't worry too much about it, due to the fact you're missing a lot of key spells that you obtain at level 60-85.
I'm having trouble with my roto in dungeons, boss is normally ok, not good dps. I'm having a big prb pulling dps on npcs up to bosses and on bosses as well. I know locks build up dmg but it's ridiculous. Any roto suggestions? I have max hit btw so no prb there.
I find that on quick dying mobs either just span DoTs, or rain of fire. Though still trying to get a hang for things.
Until 60, all I did was Immolate, Conflagrate, and Shadow Bolt spam. Mobs die way too fast to even bother with corruption/bane, and even ISF is pretty useless at those levels. On bosses you can add all your other skills to the rotation, but trash is just not worth it.

Edit: Destro is slightly behind in DPS right now, Affliction is top. Demo is best if there's alot of targets.
The biggest problem I can see is that neither of your specs appear to be tuned for PvE. You logged out in PvP gear so I can't judge that either.

Check out www.elitistjerks.com, optimize one of your specs for PvE and make sure that your gems/enchants are in order. If you're still having trouble then, come ask for more assistance.
I have a question,, is AFF better for PvP or should I be doing Demonology ?? ,,I like Aff hehe,,more used to that than my demonology since I have been doing nothing but Bg's since lvl 83 to build up honor for when she turned 85 for season 10 gear .

I will check that site out too btw,, so thanx ** elitisjerks.com**
Is the below rotation still good for Cata?

3 or less when I leveled my lock, I spammed dots on everything. 3+ Rain of Fire, everything died too quick for much else
this conversation hurts my head :/
Rotation for me as destro

Bane of havoc if needed
curse of elements
bane of doom
Cant remeber spells name but makes my imp better like a 2 min cooldown
insta cast soulfire
conflag(cast conflag after corruption because of conflags delay)
chaos bolt
after that its continue incinerate spamming until things start popping. Weather its insta soulfires happen or i needto reup immo corruption or conflag, blow chaos bolt on cd. Use your insta soulfires when they pop.

Every 17 secs if u havent had an insta soulfire u need to recast to maintain its 20 second damage buff.

I usually let my trinket get to 10 stacks with power torent up then pop my volcanic potion and summon doomguard. It gives him better dps. Its usualy maybe 12 to 15 secs into fight.

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