What is the best Horde Hunter Class for PvP?

I'm thinking Orc or Troll for their racials, but do Hardiness and Da Voodoo Shuffle take effect in Arenas and Rated BGs? Thoughts please.
i Like orc hunters alot, Trolls second, and then BE's and undead no no no and no for goblins.
Always Orc, Always.

Edit: All racials should function properly in arenas.
Odd. I'd believe Goblins/Tauren would be better.

People can argue all day long, and even though I admit Orcs have a lot of burst, Hunters have LoS/peeling issues. War Stomp and Rocket Jump seem to solve that better than Trolls/Orcs better damage output.


Added nature resistance/HP isn't bad either. Nature resistance is just sexy.
I just faction changed and went with orc, after a few weeks I just couldn't continue to stare at an orc. Go with what you can stand to stare at while you play, almost all the racials are useful in pvp. Orc are probably the best, though you need to be BM to take real advantage of the 5% pet damage.

Go with what you can stand to stare at, trust me.
03/13/2011 3:23 PMPosted by Rangër
i Like orc hunters alot, Trolls second, and then BE's and undead no no no and no for goblins.

You do realize Goblins virtually have a second Disengage, and a 1% haste buff.

DPS wise: Orc > Troll > Goblin > Blood Elf = Tauren = Undead
I was an orc, I race changed to goblin and so far Im enjoying it :) I miss the Orc attack power racial but that rocket jump has saved my bacon a few times.... you can also use the rocket boost racial with disengage and fly super far :) or chain the engineering boosters to the goblin booster and disengage and use the flexweave parachute then readiness and disengage again lol.... (I have yet to try this though) Goblin may not be the best for min maxing but its the most fun
i dont know... i like belf just because its funny when the dbag frost mage frost novas me and gets all up in my grill thinkin hes gonna cast away in melee range, so i silence his ass and disengage while my pet chews off his face and i arcane shot him to death.
orc=>troll/BE=>goblin anything else.

Racials are not ground breaking though and I would imagine in certain comps BE could be better than any other race.
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