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Arena Skirmishes: What happened to them? They were a useful tool in trying new compositions, testing out a new teammate, or just having some fun during downtime. Wargames are nice, but did skirmishes have to go in order for them to be implemented?
Has anything been discussed or planned to aide Warlocks' (or other DOT based classes) DOT dispel protection? Currently Warlocks serve little more as crowd control with current dispel abilities. Present penalties for dispelling a DOT is negligible, and requires less of a mana consideration for the healer than the Warlock. As much of a Warlock's damage is dependent on the existence of specific DOTs, specifically immolate but unstable affliction and haunt apply as well, some penalty needs to be created to deter healers from spamming dispel as is currently the case.
The Ret pvp community is extremely concerned about the direction of nerfs aimed at the spec in the upcoming 4.1 content patch. A 20 second cooldown to an ability that is essentially supposed to have a cooldown (through the holy power mechanic) seems rather excessive than just to tackle the issue of ret healing (eternal glory). Are you satisfied with the route you are pursuing or has there been discussion of a different route? There has been countless suggestions on the forums to nerf our healing without gutting our mechanics, such as making eternal glory a "holy only" mastery, and moving divine guardian in its place.
Is there a team dedicated to pvp?

It seems to me that dungeons are released quite often, hotfixes are made during high progression raids and there are lots of little "fun" rewards whether by drops or guild reputation gains while in pve content but pvp content has felt stale by comparison and does not seem to recieve anywhere near the same amount of attention.

Pvp gets gear and for very high eschelon's a title.

Raiding gets gear, titles, mounts, Quests and guild reputation. Not to mention a new dungeon every couple patches.

Like it or not pvp is a very different beast from raiding and I worry that devs are not as knowledgeable about it as they could be.

I would hope devs who work on raid content actually raid and Devs assigned for pvp actually pvp, preferably in a team environment such as arena or Rated battlegrounds.
Do y'all plan to develop something new and different for players who primarily PvP? PvE has gotten plenty of goodies since Cata - where is the love/creativity for PvP?

I truly believe that PvP has so much potential to be more fun and interesting than it currently is. What about you Mr. Dev?

Throwing out a few ideas:
- Create PvP events that pop up in a random place around the world - a la Rift
- Add some NPC's to arena maps - a la Colosseum lions
- Redesign/refresh AV for the love of Azeroth
- Create BG's that automatically assign roles to players - i.e. defense, offense, or siege drivers (this would help avoid all the arguing about who should be doing what in PuG's...)
Hi, I was wondering if there are any plans on level 70 gear season 1-3 sets will be changed to be more obtainable like seasons 5-7 are in wrath of the lich king and will the arena season 3 (vengeful gladiator) sets be added back in the game? Id find it more acceptable if I could get this stuff with justice points like the older wrath arena sets vs doing old raids in order to get them.

I thought the season 3 stuff looked cool and would be nice if it was obtainable again.
Now that healing is no longer restricted to healer and hybrid classes, how do the developers feel about the status and balance of self-healing and off-healing for non-healer specced players in PvP?

Do you believe separating twink players from leveling players and the creation of additional smaller level brackets has provided a large enough pool for twinks to still enjoy battlegrounds in all level brackets? Is it your opinion that if twinks cannot find enough players to start a battleground match in a given bracket, that form of play is simply too unpopular to be worth supporting?
Are you going to lock out high end raiding gear from Rated Battlegrounds?

Pvp gear is sub-par in pve but quite often in the past, gear obtained in pve was superior to pvp gear. This punishes people who play just to pvp over those who "kill dragons" and pvp casually.

This is very noticeable when a high progression raiding guild walks onto a Battleground with legendaries and other gear that way outclasses what can be purchased with honor or conquest points.
Can frost mages expect Ice Barrier to absorb more than 9k damage at lvl 85? This isn't even one hit from any mele class :(
Also, Can we (frost mages) expect any kind of dispell protection for our CC abilities?
Do you have any plans to reduce the number of turn-in quests needed to complete certain objectives in Alterac Valley (or otherwise reduce the ammount of time spent away from the battlefield) to better corespond to the reduced duration of an Alterac Valley match compared to its original incarnation? Currently a game will end before players have time to meaningfuly complete any of these objectives. (I often find our team standing around to summon Ivus, the Forest Lord only to see him take 4 steps before the enemy team runs out of reinforcements. Or worse, players turning in loot at their base will be marked as AFK by teammates.)

(similar to Avantha's question but more focused on side-quests)
Will we continue to see new map variances for existing game types, e.g. new CTF maps that mirror WSG and Twin Peaks, new node capture maps to mirror AB, etc?
Why can't we have a pure, straight up, unadulterated Death Match style Battleground?
Can the gaming community ever expect any sort of revival of world PvP?
In regards to warrior mechanics: Do you have any plans to look into a solution for charge jumping? if so what are they? this is something i have dealt with since the Burning Crusade and has been a crippling and exploitable mechanic for some time.
Will you be adding more BGs in cata?
Thanks for the recent PW: Shield buff that you have given discipline; we now have a good level of survivability. However, what I have noticed in cata is there is no possibility of a disc priest ever managing to successfully go 1 on 1 with any class. From Vanilla through to Wrath a disc priest that knew how to play could manage to beat another class, although admittedly this did take a long time. Now I can understand why you don’t want healers to have so much dps that they can beat anything, but if we encounter another player in the world all we can do is muck them round for 10 min or so until we oom. Is there any thought as to how a healer could possibly defend themselves? It’s a great class if we have someone with us; but more often than not we don’t. With most classes now having some sort of self heal which often heals for a greater amount than the damage a priest can do whilst staying alive. It seems to me that disc spec is reserved for arenas and bgs as I can’t see them being viable in Azeroth. Is there a particular reason you moved away from how it was prior to Cata and have now made it impossible to kill anyone?
XP Off players have no access to the "Wargames" feature without turning XP back on. What is the rationale behind this restriction? Is there a reason a group of XP Off players cannot pitch battles against another group of XP Off players?

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