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Why do hunter traps continue to be resisted when the hunter is both spell pen capped, and specced 2/2 into Survival Tactics?
Is there any chance of changing Cyclone to be more in tune with other CC effects? It’s very short cast time, lack of cool down and its’ inability to be dispelled combined with a druid’s effortless ability to escape from most snares, makes cyclone a powerful yet seemingly overpowered ability. Is there any chance of Cyclone gaining a cool down to bring it in line with the other healer CC effects like Hammer of Wrath, Physic Scream and Hex?
Why do highly rated 2v2 arena teams not count for getting the same gear upgrades as 3v3 and 5v5? 2v2 has its own challenges, viability, and element of fun. Without the same rewards, the desire to continue pursuing 2v2 is greatly diminished, which potentially ruins a great arena category!

In the majority of online games, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes seem to be the dominant favorite choices of players. Why are there not opportunities in game to allow teams to play maps in a Deathmatch-type mode?
It seems over the last several years we have seen more and more interesting and unique raid content, but nothing has changed in PVP since vanilla.

Why do all new battlegrounds seem to involve the same old recycled styles like Capture the Flag, Node Control and AV style base rushes. Why is it that PVP always take a backseat in regards to development?
Objective based battlegrounds like Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest discourage PvP. Opponents ignore each other as they race for their respective objectives because defending them only prolongs the match. How can these battlegrounds be improved so that we can have meaningful Player vs. Player in them?
Topic: Number of Arena Teams

With the MMR system, it seems very possible for players to have multiple arena teams. I know I would greatly appreciate such a system so I can play with my friends while not suffering the loss of personal rating from changing teams often.
I'm sure you would rather avoid class specific questions, but you did speak of hunters and boomkin specifically in arena PVP. What is you opinion of the state of Ele PVP, a spec almost absent from arenas?
How do you find a balance between allowing world PVP and making sure players are able to quest if they don't want to participate in world PVP? Do you think the town guards in leveling zones are too powerful compared to the level of players questing in those zones? In Vanilla, a raid of 15 level 30ish players attacking an enemy town in Ashenvale wouldn't be rare, but today the town guards would destroy them.
Currently the average battleground wait times feel very inaccurate. What can you tell us about how this number is calculated and why we might see "4 minutes" even while waiting up to ten times as long? Is the wait time being skewed by people who re-queue every 5 minutes? Does it account for people who sit in the queue for for 30 minutes and give up?
Is there any intention of addressing Elemental Shaman mobility?
Does Blizzard feel that melee time on target is balanced across melee specs considering the differing tool kits each melee has, or do some specs have too much/too little time on target?
03/14/2011 9:00 AMPosted by Nethaera
We recognize that Rated Battlegrounds haven’t yet caught on with players, especially more casual PvP players, as much as we’d like.

Why would you ever want Rated Battlegrounds to appeal to casual PvP players? Isn't that the purview of normal battlegrounds?
Does it concern blizzard that players can and have abused PvE gear to gain advantages in rated PvP? In the past weapons like Shadowmourne, trinkets like Dislodged Foreign Object created a lot inequity and grief in the arena.
Will items such as Alliance Battle Standard be get level 85 versions that cannot be 1-shotted in battlegrounds?

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