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With the focus shifted from "sanctuary" main cities (shat and dalaran), back to the origanal main cities (Org and Stormwind) will we see a return for seperate PvP gear designs for both Horde and Ally, much like in Vanilla?
Why was purge so heavily nerfed? Mana increase as well as going to 1 benefial effect removed. Is there a chance of seeing purge put back to the way it was?
Can we expect terrain adjustments to other Battle Grounds? For example doing away with graveyard camping in Isle of Conquest (inside the keeps) or adjusting travel time from graveyards to flags in Arathi Basin.
Are there any plans to introduce more PvP gear for leveling players, providing an alternative to BoA gear for players who want to level through battlegrounds?
Understanding that you don't have the time or bandwidth to provide all details - is there a general strategy for Elemental Shamans? Right now, this class appears to be everyone's least liked step-child (and I like step kids!). We don't bring a differentiating factor to RBG'S and as things stand right now, clunky totems, lack of defensive CD, dps issues when trying to be mobile, mana issues (specifically going oom after 2 min and no real mana regen ability), and lack of snares make it difficult to Arena. Since Cata, I've seen Purge get nerfed, Heroism removed from Arena, and Totem Tremor....changed. Can you give me some comfort? Is there a plan in place so that I can sit in a shady corner and drum my fingers together malevolently while I wait for the patches?
With the Battle for Gilneas and Twin Peaks, there are now two resource games and two capture the flag games. Seeing as they now have clones that are updated for Cata, will Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch be changed or removed to keep them updated with the lore?
Someone in the other thread suggested something like a weekly quest to kill other faction leaders, would something like this ever be considered? I love the city attacks/defense.
Is Blizzard happy with the amount of honor awarded in a Battle Ground compared to the award systems in all other areas of the game?
Mages currently are required to stack crit with the Shatter change to be a 3x multiplier instead of the base 50%+ crit to frozen targets. Mages are currently one of the most trained classes because of the ability to shut down all CC/damage by sticking on them. With all classes but one having a interrupt/casting slow would there be any chance of reverting this change to allow mages to stack haste again?
Hunters, as you know, are pretty decent in the hands of experienced players, and very bad in the hands of bad players. They also have a ton of bugs that are very inconvenient to them, and they also have the melee-zone (which, while annoying, shouldn't go away IMO).

My question is, how are you planning to strengthen Hunters in Arena, fix their bugs (such as traps being resisted), strengthen them in the event of being put into melee range, and overall make their mechanics easier to use in PvP?
Has there been any progress in resolving the numerous issues with heroic leap? It seems that there are constant problems with line of sight (even though the target is a straight line with no obstacles), environment (being constantly spammed with a message saying that this isn’t usable here and then being hit by another warrior who happened to be able to use theirs) and range issues (why show a green destination circle if it’s out of range)? Currently this is a talent which is often more of a bane than a blessing. Trying to manage a leap is often detrimental to staying alive (especially in battlegrounds and/or arenas).
Has any thought been given to the current PvP state of Warlocks? Currently None of the specs are fairing very well. Currently UA is dispelled at will, the minor silence has no impact. Destro's damage is based heavily on Immolate being up, but there is no protection against dispels. Afflictions DoT tickets are laughable. A rogue's recuperate can almost negate any damage they do. Demo locks seem to be almost there but once again, DoTs are dispelled without consequence, Felguard damage is laughable, etc....

I am sure other locks can add waaaaay more than these.
Will there be any chance the healing debuffs will be upped to be more effective than they are now? While 50% seem to be to much, the current 10% seems to ineffective im hoping it can come somewhere midway.
Are there any plans to make PvP ratings or experience granted in BGS or RBGS individual? Like awarding players based on performance rather than pure win/loss.

I cant count the many times im the only blue name at the top of the BG list and we lose.

I feel like this would draw more players to rBGs and BGs as a whole
With the number of arena teams forming and rated battlegrounds becoming popular, people have resorted to Trade Chat to look for arena partners and groups for rated battlegrounds. Is there a plan to implement a system where you can search for arena teams and team members for rated battlegrounds via browsing (much like searching for a guild in 4.1)?

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