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Why was curse of exhaustion reduced to 30% but all other ranged snares left alone?
The prevalence of bots in BGs seems to indicate that the honor reward system doesn't properly assign value to a players actions. Is there any thought going on to more accurately reward actions that result in wins, while discouraging botting and HK farming?
Oh. Forgot to ask this question.

Will DK's ever get updated level 60 PvP sets?
Is there any chance a fix will be developed for low end battlegrounds considering the ridiculous healing and damage(and disc's shield)?

Maybe a blanket 25% damage,healing,absorption nerf to help balance low end pvp,atm it's a burstfest and a single heal from a retpally(just an example) heals for most of their HP.
Maybe even a 25% HP increase ontop of it,i apologize if this is to much im just wondering thanks for this thread
I'm curious as to the amount of time it takes to realize and then subsequently do something about classes that are deemed "over powered" in pvp/arena. I seem to recall a post by a dev (maybe it was ghostcrawler) that actually talked about each specific class and how blizzard feels about them currently and where they can be buffed or nerfed in certain areas. Are there any chances of us seeing this more?

I know its been said before (or I've heard players say at least) that blizzard isn't as worried about overall pvp balance as they are pve.
03/14/2011 4:15 PMPosted by Zubzar
Arena Skirmishes: What happened to them? They were a useful tool in trying new compositions, testing out a new teammate, or just having some fun during downtime. Wargames are nice, but did skirmishes have to go in order for them to be implemented?

You can do arena skirmishes through the War Games tool.

Now for my question:

What direction do you intend to move in regarding Warriors in PvP? Fury has some insane bursting, but it's a fairly gimped spec overall, and heavily reliant on RNG gods and not being dispelled. In 4.1 we are seeing a lot of what made Prot PvP for warriors viable going away. That leaves us with Arms again as the solid PvP tree. However, we don't seem to have the sticking power we need to have. Our slow is weak in comparison to other classes, and requires we spend a GCD to apply it. While the new version of Improved Hamstring in 4.1 is nice, this still doesn't seem to address the relative weakness of Hamstring overall. Warriors are the only class that has to be in melee range to apply our slow, and in comparison to other slows it is relatively weak.

So, I guess it boils down to this: What direction do you want to move in regarding Warriors in PvP, and what do you plan to do to maximize our uptime on targets?
There are a few specs that have been notoriously difficult to balance for PVE because of how well they perform in PVP (Or, at least, that's how they're often seen by the forum posting community). Subtlety and (Mage) Frost are the first two that come to mind. Are there any plans to improve the PVE performance of such specs in the future, and how will you avoid presumably unnecessary buffs to PVP as a result of these changes?

Or, more generalized, what strategies do the devs use when trying to balance a class that is relatively strong in PVP, but relatively weak in PVE (or vice versa)?
With the change to resilience to include diminishing returns, do you feel that it will offer enough survivability for the remainder of this arena season? It seems like a change meant to balance levels of resilience being added by the next season's gear, but we won't be seeing that until patch 4.2.
Virtually every mage above 1500 rating in the arena is specced frost, primarily because of their (depending on talents) polymorph, three stuns, a 4-second silence, four roots, and four snares available to them. As a mage FAQ on Arena Junkies explains good Fire and Arcane specs, "there are none... Frost is just too far ahead of the game at the moment."

Is this consistently high level of damage, control, survivability, mobility, and endurance of frost mages appropriate for the arena at present? If not, what steps are you taking to either allow other classes to compete and/or bring frost mages back into line?

(edit: fixed a typo. complete --> compete)
(edit #2: fixed another typo. the --> their sigh...)
Any future ideas to buff holy pallys in arenas? It seems now more than ever with the removal of Divine Sacrifice and the increased cooldown on Hand of Sacrifice, holy pallies have become very vulnerable to crowd controls and interrupts. All of the other healing specs have a "preventive" damage type of healing (i.e. Power Word: Shield, druid hots, or Earth Shield). Holy pallies are forced into casting on the target taking damage which in some cases has become near impossible. It seems as though mastery is supposed to be our "preventive" damage type of healing, but it first requires that we get one of our casted heals off before getting CC'd, blanket silenced, or interrupted. Also of the four healing classes our CC ability (HoJ) is the hardest to use or almost impossible to use. Short of the person being right next to us, we have to stop casting run across the map (hoping to not eat a CC along the way) then stun the person for 5 seconds and then wait another minute before being able to do anything again. Shamans have hex on a 35-45 second CD, 30 yard range, and 8 second duration. Priests have an AoE fear on a 30 second CD and 8 second duration. Druid have cyclone with a 30 yard range and usable up to 3 times in a row. It just seems each arena game, I'm forced into spamming heals into a target while not being able to help much if at all to help my team get a kill. It seems as though any team gets better if they used another healer other than holy pally.
Anyway, a little disclaimer <--- I am perfectly happy with Exp-Off Battlegrounds... however,
Lets look at heirlooms:
Ranged Weapon (for some classes)
Legs (in the data, not available yet)
Rings (aside from the fishing, not available yet)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding was that Blizzard separated twinks because:
  • BiS was not obtainable relative to amount of time a leveling player would spend in the bracket.

  • Thus, a leveling player would have to go out of their way to gear competitively against a twink.

  • And they would only be competitive against said twink for one or two levels.

Which, I agree(d) with, goes against the spirit of leveling battlegrounds. Goal being to obviously place like minded players with like minded players (don't look too far into that last sentence).

My problem is, whenever the remaining heirlooms are made available for purchase, how is that any different from a lower level twink? Let's be real, with a full set of heirlooms, it is EASY to find near BiS (relative to level) to fill the gaps.

At that point, why separate twinks at all? Because someone put mongoose on an axe (that probably has inferior weapon dps to the BoA one anyway)? Ban mongoose then, not the twink.

Once again, I have no problem with exp-off battlegrounds. It's just that it seem like the line is blurring between a player in BoA gear, and a twink. Just wondering what your current stand on this is.
Will the huge tree stumps in the middle of WSG ever provide LoS casting restrictions?
Are you satisfied with the role hunter pets have in PvP, specifically concerning their role in a BM spec versus a MM or SV spec? Essentially, are pets doing too much/too little for BM hunters, and and are they doing too much/too little for the other two specs?
Over the the last 6 years, paladins have always been the reactive healer. The game's pace and mechanics have changed. Will Holy Paladins get anything to compensate for so much instant cast, non-diminishing-return-sharing crowd control?
Will there be any more battleground factions in the future, like the Warsong Outriders and the Stormpike? If so, will they be like the old systems, or will they use the new championing mechanics?

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