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Would it be possible to recode things in such a way as to prevent a player from initiating combat against another player who is well below them in level? 'Red is dead' makes for a good catchphrase, but you can't really call it combat if there's absolutely no way for your target to fight back.
Is there any thought of bringing resto druids more in line with other healers in pvp. Resto druids can currently escape all root, snare and slowing effects making it very difficult to actually hold one down to get some damage out. This combined with their entangling roots on hit buff only further assisting their escape chances. An option to bring them inline with other healing classes is to make them more susceptible to Mana Burn. That is by allowing Mana Burn to be cast and have an effect whilst druids are in bear or cat form, even if this was to be to a reduced effect. It only seems logical as druids are still able to regen mana while shapeshifted that mana drain should be possible. An alternative or corresponding change could be to increase the mana cost of the shapeshift process making mana management more important and less optimal to constantly shapeshift to clear snares at will throughout a match. If not, shapeshifting could get increasingly more expensive as in the way current re-training of talents works... excessive changing becomes expensive. Thus bringing them inline with other healing classes who currently struggle in all these areas.
With the low representation of all Hunter specs in Arena at all brackets, what problems do the Devs consider Hunters to be suffering from that would cause this problem in addition to the current small bug of trap resists?

P.S. - I read an earlier post that likened all hunter specs to balance druids in regards to it being okay that they under-perform in Arena and do well in rated BG's in the Ask the Devs #1 - please clarify that you didn't mean that (or what you meant by) all 3 specs of hunters need to be pigeonholed into an odd spot in the PvP world with 1 druid spec - it'd be good to get some clarification on what you meant by that.
Do you intend to offer any new PvP activities other than the current BGs arenas and TB/WG?
Will there ever be as much artistic creativity in the PvP armor sets/models much like there was in the earlier days of World of Warcraft? If no, why?
Is there any chance of Shaman totems being updated to be more useful for PvP?

I'm not talking, like... Tremor, Earthbind, Stoneclaw or any of that...

I'm talking of the totems we don't get to use. Like Strength of Earth.

Plain and simple, while we can sometimes afford to have those buff totems down, we can't keep them up all the time, the same way Warriors and DKs can keep up their undispellable buffs, or the way the undispellable Boomkin/Shadowform auras are always up.

Not only are our versions of these buffs not up as often as their counterparts... but they're capable of being removed by pets and wands. Meanwhile, there's all these other specs running around with undispellable forms of the same buffs.

Is this something that Blizzard agrees is an issue for Shaman pvp?
Will Blizzard ever bring back skirmishes and maybe expand on them? Something on the lines of rated skirmishes, much like how sc2 has it. I mean when my arena partners are offline I generally have nothing to do other then do battlegrounds or level an alt. This would also help players who do not have arena partners, as they would be able to get there conquest points without trying to find someone in trade or doing rated battlegrounds.
Do you have any plans on introducing any new arena maps this expansion or bringing Ring of Valor back in a more balanced format?
Is there any fix planed for ret pallys, it takes so long to get holy power, and with WOG being changed im worried about survivability since TV isnt really worth it unless you have 3 charges of Holy Power.
Is there any consideration toward the development and implementation of a PvP "Observer" system for arenas and/or battlegrounds? If not, why?

Do you have any plans for Holy paladins and bringing them in line with other healers in terms of utility and healing capabilities in High-end arena or do you consider them balanced in their current form?
Have you ever considered using something like reverse DR on things like dispelling DoT's or debuffs on players? It seems like dispell protection could be much better if chain dispelling got "worse" the more it happened.

EX: Dispell UA once, 10k dmg 4 sec silence. Twice is 15k dmg, 6 sec silence, 3 times is 25k 7sec etc. etc.
so, here is my question

how do the devs feel about hunter abilities being treated as physical on application, yet are dispellable as if they are magic?

examples of these are masters call and entrapment (talent)
Elemental Shamans have been having a lot of trouble this season. Now that interrupts and silences have been given out to many other classes, all our damage output and viability has went down.
We have been having major trouble in arena, our damage cannot match up to other classes, and our mana is in a horrible state. Our mobility is also pretty bad right now, once cooldowns are casted, we cannot cast whatsoever.
Our only importance in arena was heroism/bloodlust. You then proceded to remove it from arena, where did that come from?
Elemental needs to be able to do PvP other than rated BG's. When people ask how I have T2 PvP gear with no arena rating, I feel ashamed telling them I got it from rated BG's. They sigh in disapointment, as do I. When they ask if elemental is my main spec, I feel ashamed saying yes. Many people message me, in hopes of getting me to join their team as resto. I want to be able to play elemental and be useful.
So my question is, where do you plan to go with elemental shamans? You cannot say class balance has been good this season, with this monstrosity.
You mentioned before that you had a plan to "reformat" larger bgs into 10man versions for Rated battlegrounds, are you still working on this or do you plan on introducing new bgs further on in the expansion for Rated battleground rotation?

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