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Put simply, are the afk players and bots in battlegrounds being handled as well as they can?

Every game both horde and alliance deal with this problem, and marking players afk is not working as well as we'd all like.

Some bots are even smarter now with auto follow and auto healing/damaging. It is near impossible to get rid of these "players".
Currently the warlocks wildly accepted pvp spec is affliction, which appears to play a pressure/support/control role over the traditional damage role, while this can certainly be a engaging style of play, its not for everyone, and appears to require a high skill level to play well.

Do you have any plans to either provide affliction with more tools to fill the damage 'role', bring up another spec to play this role, and/or to lower the level of skill required?
Are there any plans to implement a Gurubashi Catacombs style Battleground, that incorporates lessons learned (Arena size, visibility, number of players), that is a simple reinforcements based brawl?

We understand the issues around a BG with 'no objectives' (possibly short play time, massive amounts of HK / honor per round), but it could be a welcome change of pace and bring back memories of an AV that once was.
Has there been any discussion of fixing the tree stumps in WSG to actually create a LoS barrier.

Currently they only serve to prevent melee from getting to ranged classes, while ranged can still shoot through them.
There are many people who consider Warrior damage to be simply out of line at this moment in time. What are your thoughts on this? Do you see this as a problem that needs to be fixed? It is currently very possible for a Warrior to pop his cooldowns and deal unhealable damage and kill people in a couple globals.

In addition, I understand that there is a Colossus Smash nerf coming up in patch 4.1. However, the consensus thus far is that because of the increase in all ability damage that is coming in alongside the CS nerf, the damage pretty much remains unchanged on Cloth targets and only slightly nerfed at times (when CS is up and buffed when its not) against the other classes. Is this cause for concern as Warriors are already doing way too much damage?
When it comes to balancing specs for PvP how do you determine whether a spec is "balanced"(viable) or not ? Where is the cut-off point between "balanced" and "unbalanced" for a spec in terms of viability?
Are the developers happy with Mind spike and the fact that a large portion of Shadow Priests do not use it, and would they consider changing the mechanic to something more usable, such as a short duration buff to damage.

edited because I fail at seeing the topic is related to PvP

Although it is still relevant to PvP. It is not a spell I would use in a Battleground or Arena match

Players seem to prefer the smaller BGs (Battle for Gilneas, Twin Peaks, WSG, Arathi Basin) to the larger BGs (IoC, AV) where ironically the objective is best achieved by actually PvPing as little as possible.

Are there any plans to either modify or redesign IoC and AV to make them more appealing?
Solo questing rewards fairly significant guild XP. XP and rep gain boosts are rather early guild level rewards.

Meanwhile, only rated guild group PvP provides any guild XP for PvP'ers. Honor gain perks are buried far along in guild advancement.

What is the reason for this disparity? Are you happy with the design of PvP providing so little guild benefit?
Here's a question I've been wondering since Cata launched.

Now that Shamanistic Rage isn't particularly "required" for Enhancement for mana management, and is little more than a defensive cooldown, have the devs considered making Shamanistic Rage available at the trainer for all Shaman?

And then, potentially, replacing the talent point with another ability that Enhance Shaman could benefit from more?
Demo pvp is it ever gonna come back?Any thoughts on giveing Warlocks a different pet?
When are we going to see a DOTA style battleground?
Why was resilience nerfed when warriors are already hitting for 50k in a GCD?

will PvPers ever see any new TITLES, MOUNTS, or doubtfully a LEGENDARY?

i mean come on every update PVEers get 100 new tites 100 new mounts... and what to pvpers get? oh only top teir arena guys get a mount... what about the majority of pvpers which to my knowledge probably happen to be casual random BGers.. and i mean seriously the grind to get "BATTLEMASTER" is = to "INSANE" title....
In almost nine season of arena, Balance Druids have yet to really shine and have never really been viable in top level pvp. I know you mentioned moonkins being okay in rbgs but that is mainly due to the spec's shortcomings being less visible when 9 other people are around.

Are there any plans to make moonkins a more legitimate contender in pvp, especially in arenas? It seems like every patch comes and goes and moonkins always end up in the same place.
Are you fixing destruction warlock pvp in patch 4.1 ?
Do you view "For the Alliance" and "For the Horde" as completable now that there are so many players in Stormwind and Orgrimmar?
In regards to rated BGs you have given flag carriers an immediate 25% damage debuff, due to the fact that so many teams were running tank specced players for the flag carriers in Twin Peaks and Warsong Gulch. Now it is pretty much a requirement for Rated BGteams to queue with a tank, when before there were other classes/specs that could carry the flag....due to the immense damage, non-tanks can't withstand even moderate pressure without death due to this debuff.

Was this the intended result that we bring tank specced players into Rated BGs?

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