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I know this is on the mind of many players. We would like an ANSWER. See 20+ page thread in the arena forums for more details.

Why were skirmishes removed? They were a very exciting and fun part of the game for many people and were great for testing addons, new partners, or just plain having FUN. Wargames are a horrendous replacement, and are fine in their own right, but are not nearly the same as skirmishes that we all love.

If the reason was blizzard is lazy/dosen't want to dedicate the server space, be honest.

The response: Wargames were a replacement for skirmishes is not acceptable, as they are different things entirely.

Vote up for Skirms!

Will there ever be a PVP legendary?

Pve legendaries have always been overpowered in arenas/ battlegrounds.
Due to the horde battleground que times in excess of 40mins (though estimates are ~5mins?) it is extremely difficult to farm honor gear. Are there any plans to reduce que times, perhaps through same faction BGs?
What improvements are on the way for Elemental pvp? Particularly with making fulmination useful in arena.
Do you have any plans on increasing Elemental shamans defenses (since their damage is more or less fine, they just need a way to prevent or at least stave off being blown up by almost any other class)?
Leading back from the previous Q&A, a Spanish player asked about hunters in pvp. In the responses, the devs were seriously thinking about allowing hunters to do damage in melee since casters can do just as well but with the consequence of melee damage/spells attacking them. I was wondering if this is still in the amorphous stage or if the devs have said that they are actually taking this path and sticking with it. If so, will the hunter design be similar to vanilla where Survival actually boosted melee capabilities? If not that, what will the design of hunters be when adding in capable and possibly burstier melee damage? I remember something about restricting melee because the design of raid hunters wasn't to allow hunters to simply swing their polearm for #1 dps and completely ignore their ranged capabilities in Wrath discussion.
Why is Justicar still as much of a grind in relation to Silverwing Sentinels and League of Arathor?

The solution blizzard gave during BC/WotLK was "Just Premade it, it'll go fast". But as of Cataclysm, it's impossible to premade WSG or AB, so you always have to risk it, causing it to just be even worse.
Of course, here is a subject that's much less specific to Shaman: offensive dispels.

Obviously, I'm more concerned about Purge. But are the devs truly happy with how offensive dispels are going to be starting next patch, thanks to Priest Dispel being nerfed?

Honestly, I don't feel like Purge is ever worth using. Not ever. Similarly, while doing BGs on my SPriest, I don't feel like Dispel Magic is worth using either, and it hasn't even been nerfed yet!

The problem is that you have to SPAM your dispel button in order to get it to serve the function you want it to serve. Do the devs truly feel that this is good design? Designing a spell to be literally spammed for several GCDs in a row to have any effect doesn't sound like a good plan to me.
Last week the conquest award of random bgs was questioned, and seemed to me to be brushed off as it was responded to with an answer about rated BGs instead.

Right now the initial honor grind is a huge barrier to entry for new players. Once per day they get 25 conquest points which were asked about last week, but additionally they get like 100-150 honor for a half hour worth of time investment. Compare this to PVE where you get twice as many points from random heroics, for about the same time investment, and also get random gear drops as well, it just seems the time to gear up for PVP is significantly longer. This likely feeds into the growing botting problem.

I guess what I'm asking is, is blizzard comfortable with the state of the honor grind right now?
Are there any plans to change/improve the matchmaking system for BGs?
Are there any plans to put in "old AV"?

I don't mean change current AV, but make it an option to play either.

I really miss the slower paced, stand off AV.

Was really fun for me, but some people hated it and that is why I think it should be an option if ever put in.
Twinking has been a large part of the game for many years. Dedicated players such as myself love to get in there and play a few competitive battlegrounds.

Are there any plans to balance these lower level brackets, or has leveling taken over 100% of lower-content balancing?
Many enhancement shamans currently invest points into improved fire nova (PVE/utility talent) to advance farther down the tree. On the 4.1 PTR, this talent was replaced with Seasoned Winds (PVP/survivability talent). What gap did the developers intend to fill with this talent, given that enhancement already does pretty well against casters in PvP and also given that its PvP spec is already stretched thin for talent points?
I was wondering if there are any plans on redesigning the Searing Flame mechanic for Enhancement PvP. Its pretty common where the totem can sometimes randomly target nearby enemies and not the main target that was assigned by Stormstrike or Flame Shocks.

In a PvP POV, the totem would be breaking CCs causing diminishing returns and such.
Thoughts on boosting/reducing some classes that aren't dedicated healers self-healing? I know Rogues and Warriors have Recuperate + Enraged Regeneration, Paladins and Druids outside of Holy and Resto still have access to Heals, etc. I think every class has some way of self-healing. But some classes feel like they have more powerful self-heals without being a dedicated healer.

Example: Recuperate on Rogues is incredibly powerful and easy to maintain at a 5-CP duration.

Warriors have Enraged Regeneration, plus talents that reward healing upon taking damage or stun or immobilize.

Hunters have 1 shot for 5%.

Just between some of the non-healer classes the self-healing is very skewed.

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