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What are the developers thoughts on effects such as Mind Numbing Poison, Curse of Tongues, Necrotic Strike, etc.? They seem redundant with cast time increases and melee having more ways to interrupt casting than ever before (especially Wind Shear on a 6 second cooldown).
Holy paladin question: Any plans on changing holy paladins so we are competitive with the other 3 healers? Our main weakness is being CC'd and having no way to prevent it. Any thoughts on giving holy paladins more CC resistance or an additional way to break CC? Or perhaps a heal that in some way can prevent incoming damage (Heal over time or an absorb shield similar to sacred shield). Finally, holy paladins in comparison to the other 3 healers have by far the lowest skill-cap. Any possibilities to make paladins more rewarding in the hands of a skilled player?
PvE Random Dungeons offer various protections to try and ensure a viable group vs the dungeon encounters, while PvP seems to literally just dump random people into a BG. This has especially made botting and "just let them win guys" mentality popular.

Do the devs have any plans to add in better protections to random BGs, like minimum Resil requirements, not matching us with same faction players on our ignore lists, and trying to balance out the number of healers each team has by us choosing our role?
When will the penalty for dispelling Unstable Affliction become severe enough to deter healers from spam dispelling all our dots?
Warriors complain about lack of utility, and you give them MORE damage. If you read any competent warrior post you can see that they don't want more damage but more utility. How can you justify the damage buff to warriors, and nerf to warrior utility in the Spell reflect change?

Also, PLEASE BRING BACK SKIRMISHES. War Games were fun the one time I played them but I skirmished so much more. Please don't ignore this.
I pvp alot, especially in TB. I have ALL the honor equipment. So I really have no need for more honor. I would like to do rated BG but cant find interest in a regular group. So my only options for better pvp gear is to gather 25 Conquest points a day. So to get a 3200 point staff, It would tale me 128 days, never missing a day. This is more like work than play and not an option.

How about level of honor only gear but requiring 3000+ honor per piece?
Will having a 3rd or separate spec just for PVP ever happen? Those who use their dual spec to fill specific roles in smaller guilds are kind of isolated from PVPing unless they respec. Resilience is great, but it's just a bandaid if you put it on a PVE build.
Tol Barad is in my opinions very fun in a traditional BG style but it seems lacking compared to WG. Are there any plans to upgrade it? Maybe this would help with the balance issues it's had?
Rated Battlegrounds have really gotten stale over the past month or so. There is no variety to it. It is now a 2 out of 3 chance you will get a CTF map, which really makes for a lot of "must have" positions like a dedicated flag carrier and a ton of healers(must have Holy Paladin for Lay on Hands!?). When can we look forward to possibly seeing EotS and SotA being added to the mix that would potentially cut back on this? Also, would it be possible to lock people into their specs when they join the Rated BG queue?
Is there any plan to give retribution a real snare? every single other melee dps spec have one. and retribution should be treated equally as other melee's. im asking this because with a loss of off-healing retribution is going to be lacking of utility compared with others melee's in a group pvp scenario.

seal of justice isn't a snare and cant be used in any real pvp scenario without a massive dps loss, other melee's specc's don't have to sacrifice any thing, or sometimes a gcd to apply it (warriors).
are there plans on giving hunters a way to remove dots from their targets considering most hunter CC is broken on any damage?

more detail
(talented) piercing shots, Wyvern Sting, Black Arrow, and serpent sting prevent the hunter from applying any true CC that will last for more than 1 tick of these self applied dots
with these still triggering diminishing returns it can become problematic in any pvp situation (or pve, but there is no diminishing returns) if the target has even 1 extreamly weak dot on them

it becomes even more irritating that others using aoe dots (like pestialance or the talentd thunderclap/rend) can apply it a dot, and then the hunter has no chance of susccesfully CCing it for any amount of time
When will regular pvpers who do their best to win a bg quit being punished for the sins of the few AFKers? Pugging a Rated BG is NOT a solution for those of us in small guilds who like being a small guild!
is there a plan to make snake trap's snakes actually have an HP pool that will make them live through aoe if the hunter is using the glyph (at level 85)?
Any plans to balance low level pvp brackets? Specifically the ridiculous damage of hunters and rogues?
Will PVP equivalents to the PVE heirlooms that Cataclysm introduced be added?

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