2v2 , RDruid/Enh Shamy Vs RDruid/War

Here's what happen in 2s Now a day


image from imageshack , only site i know where to post it

On that screen we're facing Banyanboy and Ganen from Azuremyst server

UI is Tukui from the website

no credit goes to me on that, it's all fresh of the box. change some stuff but doesn't appear on that screenshot
Pfft. 15 minutes? Amateur. Go the full 45 and then complain.

(Also, what UI is that in the screenshot?)
we just finish it
we wait 30mins around campfire
wasn't first match during that long lol
The reason games are lasting so long is cause you're running enh shammy healer.
LMFAO gg bro
omg dude i love you
Yah was like the 3rd game like that yesterday.
Good time , good time ....
Now i'm getting more gear lol
But... Ganen is a dwarf name :(

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