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Guild Recruitment
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Server: Draka
Server type: PvE
Faction: Alliance
Time Zone: CST

Recruitment for all of Classic

Recruiting is open for the following classes:

Druid(Balance is High atm)








Spots are going quickly, so don't miss this opportunity.

A bit information what we're about:
<Screams of the Past> was founded in late '08 with barely enough to be considered a 25M Raid. Today, we are averaging about 30 players per raid. While others found interest in achieving Hardmodes in ICC and in Cata, we found interest somewhere else. Nerfs, talent changes, and different abilities have significantly effected of how raids use to be. But are still promising and are still found enjoyable by many SotP players today.

What we're looking for:

Even though we have everything on Farm, raiders are still expected to keep an above average attendance (80%). We do know that are some days where you will not be able to attend a raid, and thats only natural, you will be allowed to take days off if necessary.

We really aren't too 'hardcore' with raiding mostly because everything is on farm but still expect our applicants to perform at their best with whichever encounter we may be on. Just because we're flying through a raid doesn't mean its time to slack just about time we're on Huhu or Twins.

More information can be found on our website at www.screamsofthepast.com
Any questions can be answered there.
I would like to join, most likely as a healer role (or tank).
Whats preferred? Do you warrior tank only like original WoW or can druids/paladins give a hand?
I would like to join, most likely as a healer role (or tank).
Whats preferred? Do you warrior tank only like original WoW or can druids/paladins give a hand?

We accept all three as tanks.

Visit www.screamsofthepast.com for more information.
no bites...bah but anyway bump
just got a account friday night at lvl 45 right now should be lvl 60 by tuesday or so, count me in!

ill message u in game as soon as it changes from being a trial account to the real thing, look forward to it.

oh and ill be raiding with this mage preferably but dont mind lvling something else if need b

c u in game

bumpity bump bump
Needs update:

Druid - Medium
Hunter - High
Mage - Medium
Paladin - Medium
Priest - Medium
Rogue - Medium
Warlock - High
Warrior - Medium
Still recruiting
I dont get it, "high" means youre getting lots of people applying for it? or that you are in need of more players of that class
/ bump wow one D.O.T calm clearing mc bwl zg ony 51 pts no gems or bc garbage
Does your toon's name appear green in groups and raids? Are you known to lay the smack down with a bow or gun? Do you have a faithful beast that adventures with you? If so Screams of the Past wants you! Currently our hunter attendance has pretty much shrivelled up and died; We've practically vendored an entire set of Dragonstalker in the past few weeks because there were no hunters to take it.

If you're interested in lvl 60 raiding and want to have pretty much zero competition for your class sets roll a hunter and apply at Screams of the Past today!

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