Patch Solution - Norton High Security Threat

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This was found by Dante. Thank you Dante, you have saved lives.

1. > Open Norton.
2. > Click 'Settings'
3. > Scroll down to 'SONAR PROTECTION'
4. > Click 'OFF' (The Bar that says 'ON')
5. > Click 'APPLY'
6. > Set the duration for 15 minutes.
7. > Run WoW and begin downloading.

*Note: These steps do give you a risk of being vulnerable for 15 minutes. If you are unaware, you are only applying 'Sonar Protection' off for a guaranteed 15 minutes. You can turn it back on manually after you have downloaded the patch. Also, please, refrain the nasty comments on another post. Thanks! I hope this helped.

-Other Solution- (Recommended by Players & Blizzard)

1. > Press 'Start' on the bottom left hand of your desktop.
2. > Go to 'My Computer' or 'Computer'
3. > Go to 'Local Disk' or 'OS C:'
4. > Go to 'Program Files' or 'Program Files x86' (Where ever is your WoW Folder)
5. > Go to 'World of Warcraft'
6. > Repair World of Warcraft (Repair.Exe)
Worked for me, thanks bro.
why would i do that if there is a problem with the download why let it go through?
It works, I promise.
im sure it does but what about the fact that the update is corrupted?
It's not. I'm on WoW. Excuse me, I have a dungeon to complete.
Ok so not sure if there are different versions of norton out there,, but i dont see the Sonar Monitoring section to turn off ??? any advice ?
I have Norton Internet Security on my bar.
Here is a fix for nortons 360

To turn off or turn on SONAR Protection

In the Norton 360 main window, click Settings.

In the Settings window, under Detailed Settings, click Antivirus.

On the Automatic Protection tab, under Real Time Protection, in the SONAR Protection row, do one of the following:

To turn off SONAR Protection, move the On/Off switch to the right to the Off position.

To turn on SONAR Protection, move the On/Off switch to the left to the On position.

In the Settings window, click Apply.

this was copied from nortons help center and it worked
Thanks this worked for me
Very helpful!
I personally don't feel comfortable bypassing this until I know whether or not Blizz sanctions this, i.e. their files are legit. Already had my account compromised once before, I plan not to let it happen again because of careless impatience.

Dear Blizz, please certify your junk .. here on the forums, so we know we're not being screwed.
Thanks I was wondering why it wouldnt patch... It wouldn't even show errors and i tried that and poof it patchs ... Thanks all
i jus did it i will let you know how it works
Thanks, you guys were helluva lot more helpful than the Norton forums to get this over with.
Thanks for the information Strive and Dante.

We did release a patch for the game launcher this morning. If you're seeing an issue like this with Norton, try the recommended steps.

03/15/2011 10:37 AMPosted by Strive
Open Norton. Click 'Settings' - Scroll down to 'SONAR PROTECTION' - Click 'OFF' - Click 'APPLY' - Set the duration for 15 minutes - Run WoW

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Well i tryed the norten deal and it worked for me im currently wow! yay thx Jaeda for the help.
03/15/2011 11:22 AMPosted by Kovic
I personally don't feel comfortable bypassing this until I know whether or not Blizz sanctions this, i.e. their files are legit

Wouldn't be stickied if it wasn't. AFAIK One of the forum regulars asked a blue to sticky this one.
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