Time to Add Crafting Ability to WoW Armory

Really, the Remote Auction House and being able to see stuff on your character is nice, but it would be good to be able to remotely do the following in version 3.0 of the WoW Armory App:

1) See what is currently craftable in your character's professions and the mats required;
2) What mats your character has on hand (trivially easy, since that's already reported in the Create Auction part of the RAH)--optimally you could from there easily buy what you need in the RAH and have it added to your stock;
3) Allow you to craft the stuff remotely so you can sell it in the RAH. It's not like it's a huge advantage, but it's something to allow us to make better use of the RAH when not in-game and more efficiently use our actual in-game time. An added bonus would be the ability to mail crafted stuff to other toons on the same account, but that's not a necessity.

WTB Suggestion Forum, but this was as close as I could come, since it really just relates to crafting professions.
Great idea. Personally I would just like cut gems stackable and prospecting/milling remotable. That would save me the most time, I could cut gems into stacks of 20 to AH later.
Love this idea. There are days at a time when I can't get online and play and I surf the RAH trying to find ways to progress my character. Being able to do some of the tedious in game stuff over the app would be fantastic.
That would be awesome if you could remotely craft things!
Something like the Neverwinter portal without the stupid dice game on tablets would be awesome.

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