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you know that old building in the back or org that housed the now removed arena? it could be put to use. I propose it to become a heavily phased building where it becomes a "Guild Hall" depending on what guild your in. It will look differently for you and your guild members, might be easier for a portal instead, but hey didn't you guys want to do more stuff with heavy phasing? The contents inside would be customizable, including colors, decorations, trophies, vendors, and possibly portals to other cities, a bar including a hearthstone location, optional trainers, guild cauldron creation cauldrons (which you can put in a set number of flasks and venoms to create cauldrons instantly). Yes I pretty much ignored alliance but I'm sure there is a building or two that is empty there. (How about that HUGE hanger in the docks?) What could go wrong? and hell I bet it would be a great gold dump, charge 10,000 gold per portal! Have that goblin all-in-one class trainer as a default trainer, and a dinky bar with a 2nd rate bartender (hearthstone) and the option to hire a higher class one!
I would like guild halls.

Tons of ways they could be done.

My preference is to have a set number and spread them out in the actual world, rather than phasing/instancing.

That may cause problems if guilds disband, gm quits or goes on /gkick rampage.

So maybe each guild hall could be used by a different number of guilds. The guildmaster picks one to be the base and all the guilds that choose that guild hall can work to its progression. And if a guild implodes nothing much happens to the guild hall.

Perhaps 50 Alliance locations, 50 Horde ones. With possible locations including safe or contested zones, for those guilds that like PvP. Roleplayers could pick a location that suits them, and PvEs could set up close to a favourite dungeon.
and a cost based on each location, free being home city, the the more exotic locations costing upwards of 100,000 gold? And have them be something like themed floating platforms. But the guild cooperation would be a bit hard to do and that idea is a bit wobbly in my opinion. And guilds implode all the time, money is lost, so is the seven tabbed bank that is about 20,000 gold worth of tabs.
Also how about having raid or pvp progression unlock certain features that could other wise be purchased so that guild having problems with money can still have a fair chance of getting at least the basic items in the hall?
I think this would also be a great place to implement the long desired profession speed items, but instead of items let them be work benches, such as a robotic impact blacksmith, alchemists lab, scribes desk, leather workers corner, jewelers vice, and etc. etc.
eh, no one? what happened to those people who wanted and questioned about the guild hall ideas?
I think this would be a great idea as a part of the guild leveling system as a level 20 + perk.
03/17/2011 7:45 PMPosted by Göttderblut
Cause Blizzard never ever does what we want.

WHAT? have you played the game for more then a few months?
"Housing for players and guilds alike is a feature we've always been interested in pursuing. Though we don't currently have plans to include these features in the Burning Crusade, we've certainly not abandoned our hope to include housing in the game sometime in the future."

"I think housing can take 'World of Warcraft' to the next level," Kaplan said. "I want to make sure that when we introduce player housing to 'World of Warcraft' we do it right and give the feature the credit that it deserves, which is a massive amount of production time on the programming, design and art time. It's something we actually wanted to do for the original shipping game." But it's not coming, he said, until it's a "Blizzard-quality feature."

Blizzard has gone on record as saying that they have wanted to incorporate ‘player houses’ in the World of Warcraft game nearly since its creation, but could not find a way to make the addition seem like more than just “hey, look at me, I have a house”. Without a worthwhile purpose and a unique take on how to incorporate such an idea, Blizzard has not yet got around to making these additions.

This is a valid point. How does one go about making a 'unique' player house? Something bold, something new, that isn't just a copy of another game's ideas? It’s easy. Scrap the idea of player houses entirely. Player houses would be fun, but they would serve as a visual effect of a player's personal space or, as we all know Blizzard will do, their wealth, because no doubt player houses will cost as much in gold as they might in real life. It’s a fine idea on its own, but it contributes very little with the banking system already in place. However, there's another idea that comes to mind when thinking about these possible 'houses'. How many times have guilds held events, or meetings, and not known where to meet until the day of? How awesome would it be for a Guild Master to be able to customize their own Guild Hall in the colors and banners of their Guild, with customizable, intractable tables, chairs, and other items?

A Guild Hall would be an excellent addition to the game as a meeting place and general hangout of people in guilds, especially larger guilds. Ideally a Guild Hall would be three to five rooms large, with a “main” front room or ‘hall’, and several adjacent rooms that can be customizable as bedrooms, libraries, or other rooms of interest. These Guild Halls would reduce the amount of server lag in major cities, and by adding Guild master NPCs, Guild banks and Guild vendors, would allow all guild activity to be centralized in one location (while I am aware it is already sort of centralized, this would feel tidier to me as far as organization). Now, while I would suggest adding general goods vendors and an auctioneer, the idea is to enhance the major city experience, not to render it useless. While it would be convenient, it is encouraged that said guild members leave the Guild Hall and use the cities as they were intended to b used. That means, sadly, I have to opt out of adding any further NPCs of actual use in the Guild Halls.

Further use of these Guild Halls could include message boards similar in design to the warchief's board, where guild members could put up postings or notices for everyone in the guild to see. "WTB hardened elementium, auction house too expensive," or "looking for 2v2 arena members." These messages could help enhance the communication of the guild, even when members are not online. Some might argue that is what Trade is for, but sometimes people just don’t want to run 2v2s with people they don’t know, randomly picked out of Trade. This could even help our Guild Message of the Day, which is already a feature available in our guild chat but is often drowned out by Blizzard's yellow system messages, or user addons...

There has been talk as well about skill-speed work benches for the interiors of Guild Halls. There is merit in this, and I like this idea. They would not be accessible to everyone because it would be Guild limited, and it would be yet another reason for players to want to be in a guild on top of all the already offered Perks.

As for location, that gets a bit tricky. These Guild Halls could be linked up with doorways in any of the empty houses or rooms located around the various major cities. Or, they may be linked to teleport crystals or objects, although the door approach makes it seem a bit more natural – similar to an instance portal. And like an instance portal, these ‘gates’ would take you to a Guild Hall, hosted on a separate server, and accessible only to those who are in a guild. One guild member could not go into another person’s Guild Hall for example, and someone without a guild could not access anything.

There have been mentions in the thread already about the possibility of multiple locations a Guild Master gets to choose from in regards to where they want to put their Guild. I like this idea personally. It gives a feeling of involvement in the creation of the Guild Hall beyond just being able to customize its insides. I feel that 50 locations is a bit much, however, based on the amount of work that Blizzard would have to do to incorporate such a massive alteration on phased locations. A limit of 5-10 is more reasonable. However, the issue of "more exotic" locations costing more seems implausible. The further away from a major city you get, the less convenient the Guild Hall becomes, and therefore less interesting to your members. Guild Halls should be universal in price, and at best, cheaper the further from civilization you go.

To bring up the issue of phasing again. In order to make this work the portals or crystals must be accessible in all phases of any major city (or the location of the Guild Hall's entrance, wherever it might be added). This could prompt complications with the system to allow users inside. The answer to that could possibly be an extra hearth stone available to those who are in guilds, which would teleport them into the main hall of the Guild Halls. Getting out would be more complicated, but I'm sure that there could be a way implemented into the game to solve this problem.

As for the implosion of guilds... I do not personally see this as a problem. Anyone who sinks enough money into their guild that they have all eight of their tabs available in their Guild Bank is likely to want to spend the money on a Guild Hall. Every Guild Master is perfectly aware of the possibility of an implosion when they spend that money, so they should likewise take the responsibility and know what to expect with a Guild Hall. There is also the fact that Guild Masters do not necessarily always pay for the bank tabs, and may not pay for the Guild Halls. A lot of Guilds use vault funds, which are contributed from multiple players, to achieve this end. You run the same risk with paying for a Hall as you do a bank tab, in the scheme of things.

The end result is something that I feel most people would enjoy; a private space for their Guild to gather, hang out and call their own.
They have these in EQ.
03/19/2011 12:09 PMPosted by Niya
They have these in EQ.

Its a shame that so many other MMOs have this feature, and yet World of Warcraft does not. This is one of the most popular MMOs around, and one with a very wide spread fan base. As long as the system is incorporated correctly, it could seriously enhance guild unity.
I do not feel that is the case. If the system is incorporated correctly, and as such available to all guilds universally, there would be no segregation. There are many casual, fun guilds out there that deserve the same recognition as guilds as the hardcore raiding or PvPing guilds get. One might argue that monetary income would block some casual players, but its extremely easy to gain gold in Cataclysm. It may take some players longer to accumulate that kind of gold, but as long as the amount is not unreasonable, the goal is not unobtainable.

In what other manner do you feel that it would cause separation between casual and hardcore gamers?
If it came to guild halls, Nowae's suggestion makes the most sense from a gameplay relevance position. And if you wanted to include more options, you could include a raid progression list of the players, perhaps. Something to see how well the guild itself is doing in terms of raid content, or showing off what guild players have done. That way if you wanted to go for those all-important heroic raids, you'd know with a glance who should get first dibs on such an important position.

Another thought would be a personal mage. Or maybe just a portal room. We all know that Blizz removed the portals from main cities like Dalaran and Shattrath to cut down on server lag, but with guilds this is another idea entirely. If the guild hall is on a separate instance server, that deals with lag issue right there for the most part; no guild, no quick travel hub. And if you wanted to make sure the portals weren't abused (say by having 500 people all form a guild just for portal-using purposes...) make it a guild perk you get at the 2nd/3rd guild rep stage.

There's all sorts of ways to do this and make it relevant from a gameplay perspective beyond just "lol guild halls, herp-derp!" All it takes is the a little legwork and listening to the community's ideas, and going from there. Here's our ideas, Blizzard, now show you listen to us and give us some patch notes, already >.>
I also like the idea of having it so that Guild Halls could be set as inns for a person's hearthstone, although I fail to see what purpose this could serve if there are no viable vendors inside a Guild Hall (see above posts). Perhaps something could be done with that.
Just don't let Claria or Tink design it, Maybe Vork, his was kinda cool.
What I think would be cool? When you clear a raid instance, you have the choice of making the raid instance your guild hall. You enter it when you're not in a raid grp.
03/19/2011 12:43 PMPosted by Ganrokh
What I think would be cool? When you clear a raid instance, you have the choice of making the raid instance your guild hall. You enter it when you're not in a raid grp.

The problem with that is that it limits a player's ability to use any guild NPCs that may be in the Guild Hall, or any portal rooms like Luscen has suggested. Perhaps portals to raids that a guild has completely cleared would be interesting to have, instead? Say you clear Conclave and Al'akir - you now have a portal to use that will drop you right into Throne of the Four Winds from here on out, whether its cleared or not, as a raid 'unlockable' Guild ability.
Player housing and guild halls were both features that were promised. However at these points don't expect this into the game UNLESS Rift or Star Wars actually shows they can take players away from WoW.

If these games do not take away from the WoW player base, Blizz will have no incentive to actually improve character customization.

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