Guild Hall idea, eh?

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Guild halls? Slap em on level 25 guilds for sure. There are plenty of empty bulidings that could be made into instances.

Individual Player Housing? Group members can go in with you. They cost excess of 10k, and you choose and that suits your class and profession.

It would be a nice reward for higher-level guilds that have the kind of member base to support it, but on the other hand cities would slowly start to empty out if it contained some of the mentioned things like vendors, dummies, and trainers; things essentialy unique to our capital cities.

I'm half and half on this really, it would encourage guild bonding and provide a nice spot to hang with guildies, but on the other hand might empty out our cities, which is something terrible if you're on a RP server like me.
This game needs guild halls. All those scenarios where Stormwind or Orgimmar would be devoid of people are bull. There are already too many people idling at the bank steps in SW on Medivh, it's hard to see anything. If guildhalls only had so many services in them that people could use they'd still need to go to their capitol cities.

When do guild mates ever see each other? When raiding or helping with quests or achievements. Other than that, most guilds rarely do anything together. This would give us a place to meetup and hang out that also had a practical purpose. We get farming in MoP but 6 or 7 years later and the only thing added to the guild system is perks? Come on...
Personally I have to agree with a lot of people on this one, the idea of a Guild Hall would do wonders for fraternity within the guilds themselves. As it stands it feels more like a guild is a verbal contract to assist each other when it is needed, why not have a home for feasts, parties, training, etc. I'm not even a role player (on WoW) but I think the idea of having a place to relax and actually bond with guild mates is a amazing selling point Blizzard has been missing for too long. They said it themselves, they want to get people out of the cities and into the world so why not have Guild Halls out in the world. I mean let's be honest their are so many buildings that are practically useless as it is. So give them purpose and build a whole new economic form in real estate. Blizzard, you say you want to make the customer happy. Well I think this needs to be put in advance soon, heck make it it's own expansion pack. I would buy it, and that means more money. This is a brilliant topic and so many people have brought up good points here. I think that this is what we need to see soon!
Since the new changes, what do you think ?
I don't really think you should have necroed this, a new thread probably would have been better. (In my opinion). Still, the idea still stands years later.

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