Warrior autoattack not functioning the same.

Bug Report
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Same with me, it seems to be only happening on this char because it has never happened on my pally or my druid. Could this also be related to the Melee Targeting Bug?

BUMP. Blizz? anything? Do they even know about this? Maybe they are just removing warriors completely in 4.2 - 4.3? If we cant attack / auto attack they might as well...lol
Started having this problem on my 80 warrior after Patch 4.2, when I got to Hyjal. Changed my mouse, still the same problem. Opened a ticket, now.. Time to wait..
Bump. And pissed. This is a VERY big bug, and it seems Blizzard doesn't know or want to fix it because we're DPS warriors, and not tanks.
I just started to have this problem today. Hopefully there will be a fix for it, along with my hated rep after a race change. :(
Important to note that there appear to be 2 separate issues right now:

1) Auto-attack bug (since 4.1)
- This thread's topic. Using some abilities, notably Victory Rush and Bloodthirst, won't trigger auto-attack.

2) Targeting bug (since 4.2)
- Reverts back to original target after changing targets and quickly using an ability. It will even revert back to dead targets, which happens most often.

Both miserable, miserable bugs which greatly affects dps on multiple targets. I hope Blizz puts a high priority on these.
Please fix both. Terrible terrible terrible.
Ya this is way ridiculous no blue post and its been how long?
bump again, so annoying when this bug pops up
Yep, getting this too. Really annoying.
Warrior is unplayable atm. Stops attacking after one mob after reload or exit of game. Was told by a Blizzard support to hop on a griffon and then try, also to delete WTF folder, addons, etc... The griffon idea gave me my one mob just like a reload does. Think I'll pass on the whole WTF, addon idea.
have this issue as well, thought it was just me lol
I think I had a similar issue tonight on two different heroic Cho'gall attempts as SMF.

The pull would start with 30 rage from Battle Shout. I spam my Bloodthirst/startattack macro and my Bloodthirst would go off, but no auto attack. Right clicking did nothing and neither did using the auto attack button in the spellbook. Used the "T" keybind also. I reloaded my UI on both occasions with to no avail. Running around to different points in his hitbox did not help. When i swapped to Adherents the same thing happened. About 3 minutes into the fight I was randomly able to attack again as normal.

I have had the EXACT same thing happen to me. In fact it happens about every day, and can only be fixed by restarting wow. Easily the most annoying bug I have every experienced in WoW. I have a very very strong feeling that it is related to heroic leap and intercepting/attacking while landing. I have made note of every time it happens, and its always not long after a button mashed heroic leap. Having this happen in raids is beyond infuriating. It truly is a game breaking bug for anyone that plays remotely close to the limit.

Also, I am 99.99% sure this isn't addons I have done it with no addons, different addons, and have had friends had it with none of the same addons.
Also occurring to me. Some times it happens other times it doesn't. Right now I'm trying to do a solo MC clear and I've almost died to a few packs because I couldn't do anything for at least 3 minutes. This is a ridiculous.
It has nothing to do with addons, I disable all of mine and it's still doing it.
this has really always been the case, but it is worse now. Impossible to get rage in multi mob situations.

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