Warrior autoattack not functioning the same.

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While I can agree that this is a pressing issue, please don't bump up the threads. You can add a "confirmed, happening for me, too" post, but not a raw bump. Keep posting here, though, warriors! A big thread with lots of posts is great, instead of a zillion little threads floating about.

Bump! Sticky, posted by Sapperwix:

It's okay to bump a thread if you have something to add, even if it's simply "I'm experiencing this issue as well." That helps me gauge how widespread an issue is. One poster brute-forcing an issue to the top of the list doesn't help me and therefore doesn't help you.

Yeah the thing is if no one bumps it up, it will get filtered down due to all the crap people post in this board. Would be nice if Blizzard at least posted in here saying they're aware of the issue instead of leaving everyone in the dark forcing us to repost in threads like these. Then punishing us for it because we have no other way of voicing our problem and Blizzard fails to acknowledge that they're hearing.
I can confirm that while this issue exists, it is one that is not constant and will only happen once in a while (to me at least) as sometimes a recently acquired target will pick up no problem but recently ive been noticing the failure of my character to initiate auto attacks which is as others have said quite frustrating to say the least. please blizard figure out whats the deal with this, because until cata its never been an issue at all.
My shaman too, every time in Tol Barard.. First fight is fine and then everything after that I can only initiate a fight with my 2nd key map Stormstrike. Blech.
Put in a ticket during 4.1 said they knew there was a problem but they did not know how to fix it yet.
hopefully they can solve it soon. it is annoying to re-target enemy and hope it sticks on there to kill it. (making my runs with the treasure finding potion less efficient.)
Been playing since 2006 and with both the targeting bug and the auto attack bug i stopped playing my beloved warrior tank.. Please fix these issues blizz..
I am having the same issue on my DK. When I kill the first enemy of a pull and then try to tab the next target; i swing one attack and then it autolocks onto the previous dead target or a target in the distance that i tab pass. I find myself having to tab again or multiple times just to get my character fighting again. It makes trying to pull mobs frustrating since DK's don't rely on a passive block, but the use of their abilities. This doesn't help either if your trying to tank a dungeon and loose your flow. I have a warrior too and can't imagine how it must be on them since they rely on their auto attack for rage generation.
A fix has been created and will be applied in an upcoming patch.
So what you're saying is, in the meantime you're fine with a bug that's been hampering melee classes at least in particular warriors who depend on hitting to generate rage while dps'ing to be completely useless at random times in raids, instances, and pvp. A bug that's been around for at least 2 weeks? Try not to put too much effort into it please.

And once in a while is an understatement. Had it happen to me twice yesterday while doing molten front dailies. Note: that's twice in less than 30 min, and twice again today once during the Jindo encounter.
I can confirm this on my paladin tank, it can be quite frustrating, trying to hammer of the righteous, while seeing "your target is dead" I've had to stick to mouse targeting for now.
Please count me in on this. Same issue. I just end up standing there.
I have a few things to point out here. Auto attack is working as intended. Unfortunately, I know not everyone will want to hear that.
However, targeting is not working as intended. This is a small part of the issue with attacking something and no continued attacks taking place. Targeting is falling off even if you have selected the mob. I have no information to confirm that targeting is getting fixed other than it will take a client patch, which is still in the works.
This will effect any player who uses auto attack for such a purpose. I get the same problem on my hunter.
Blizzard does know that there is a targeting issue going on and is working on fixing it. But, as stated before, is will take a client side patch to fix so it might be another month or so before they have it ready. Take proactive steps in your targeting and attacks. Click a target and initiate combat, make sure if your targeting falls off to re-target and initiate combat again. It's really all we can do right now.
Don't be surprised that targeting or auto attacking is an issue right now.
Currently, there is a known issue with targeting. From a programming perspective, targeting and attacking share a close relationship.
Blizzard has already stated that a client side patch will be needed to fix to the targeting issue players are experiencing.
This includes, targeting dead mobs, mobs that are out of range, etc. The problem is auto attack will not continually attack a target(s) who('re) initially out of range or in some other form unable to have damage dealt to them by the initiating player.
Same here, it's been an issue for me for a few weeks. I notice it mostly on my warrior due to lack of rage generation... The patch today did not fix it.

I tried adding the Attack skill to my bar, and clicking that.. no luck.

/startattack does not work.

Logout and back in seems to fix it temporarily. I believe the problem happened after tol barad was over.
Hi there. I don't play my warrior very often (he's lv 20-something now), but I was having the same problem described above today. I don't recall ever having the issue before this latest bug patch, but I've certainly noticed it post-patch. Auto-attack stops and right-clicking and pressing the auto-attack ability itself does nothing. Makes playing my warrior very slow and difficult at times.
This bug is still around. Started for me around TB and carried over to a ZA. Right clicking does not put your character in a battle pose nor does it start autoattack. /startattack macro is also not working.

Was kicked from the ZA when wow crashed, came back and right click autoattack is working currently.

This is absolutely ridiculous that we need to wait for this fix. This bug is a massive quality of life issue. If i cant attack, i cant generate rage which means i just stand around unable to do anything.

I had it happen to me 8 times in 15 minutes tonight during my raid causing my group to wipe on H Rhyolith multiple times.

The fact that you think this isn't important enough to fix until the next patch is outrageous! No wonder you are losing subscribers when you clearly don't care about the experience people have playing your game.
So this is why I found myself standing there several times doing absolutely nothing last night when auto-attack should have been going.

This combined with targetting bugs makes tanking a PITA.

Please Blizz start doing weekly bug fixing rather than letting bugs fester for months at a time between major content patches.
Looking for another blue reply. Targeting dead things seems to be fixed with last hotfix. "autoattack bug" is still around. This is a major problem playing the game. Can't kill stuff if you can't attack. Blues?

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