Warrior autoattack not functioning the same.

Bug Report
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Happens to me to.
So frustrating in pvp BG's - free kill to the alliance.

I logged a report and chatted to a GM, he said it is working as intended. ie. toggle on/off.
He also said they were not aware of any issue. (just plain lies or else they don't read these forums)

I tested on dummys and it just says no rage for ability.
Stands there and does nothing.
Relogged and it works again.

I reckon all the good devs have left the wow team to work on titan and we're stuck with work experience kids.

Seriously though Blizzard if I'm getting attacked and attack is not on - turn it on - its that simple.
You know when we are in combat - so what is the issue here why do we actually need to press a button to do what 99.9999999999% of the time we want to do - which is hit something, especially that something that is hitting me.

Please fix it soon.

There is no fix, or work-around beside "start with charge," which sucks when you can't start with charge or gain range for it, and you can't attack to get ANY rage. Just fix this, Blizz, or at least talk to us and let us know you realize there's some jacked up stuff, there!
So...any updates on this issue?? Because it's still affecting me.
Same !@#$ different day. Blizzard wtf are we paying 15$ a month for if you can't even fix the bug you most likely are responsible for that happens to be the #1 crucial ability for warriors. Without auto attack how do we get rage… This should have been fixed long ago, I even put in ticket in-game but no help. they deleted my ticket. Please fix or I will be forced to cancel my subscription!
08/02/2011 04:17 PMPosted by Sapperwix
A fix has been created and will be applied in an upcoming patch.

Hey there... Can we now get some fixes on the rest of the issues that are happening with warriors....

For the last 6 years our Deep Wounds have been munching...

4.2 our Deep Wounds was perfectly fine for you, and not in 4.3 its not... So you can fix this in one patch?

But it takes 6 years and counting on Deep Wound Munching?

Oh btw, we are terrible DPS now... Any time you want to fix that too :-D But glad to see a Blue responded to a warrior post. Hope we can get answers on the following
levelling a warrior and I have put in gm tickets multiple times about this.. it is very frustrating thingking you attacking a group of mobs and then realize your just standing there.
08/02/2011 04:17 PMPosted by Sapperwix
A fix has been created and will be applied in an upcoming patch.

ok, but when, this was quoted August 2011, it is now mid January 2012... many patches have gone out.
it´s still happening.

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