What does "world server down" mean?

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Last night, around midnight PDT, I was in Orgrimmar and then suddenly I was at my character log-in screen. I hadn't been disconnected but I couldn't get back in for a few minutes, and received a "World Server Down" message when I tried.

This didn't appear to affect people in BGs, instances, or arena, so I'm curious what it means that the world server was down. Is it just Kalimdor? All of classic WoW? Orgrimmar only?
It means (I believe) that your server, Khaz'Modan, was down. It appears to have been a random, temporary crash.

Instances, BGs and Arenas are on different servers.
It can mean a couple of things, but generally, that the server you are attempting to log into is down.

This can mean just Kalimdor, if your character is in Kalimdor at the time. Alternatively, it can mean all continents of a realm are down. Battlegrounds, arenas, and instances are located different "continents," which would be why they were unaffected.
This is the main reason they call them realms instead of servers because a realm is literally made from many servers. I believe I heard Blizzard say during a Blizzcon DirecTV interview that they have a server for Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, Northrend, and the various BG & Arenas for each realm. When you see "World Server Down" message it means the server crashed and is in the process of restarting. If you were in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor crashed and 20 of your guild members were in Kalimdor at the time you would be spammed with PlayerName has gone offline. That is how you know if a server has crashed.
no.. mine is down and checked my server and its on normal..

We are aware of the issue and our Realm Techs are looking into it now. We will provide what updates we can as they become available. Please join us in the following thread.



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