What is the best weapon enchant for Arms?

I read an Arms guide telling me that haste is pretty much useless for Arms dps. I have since cut haste out of my stats and it's worked perfect. I am a firm believer that haste is, indeed, useless for Arms pve dps. That being said, is there a weapon enchant better for Arms than 110AP and less expensive than Landslide? If so, I'd appreciate hearing back!

Thank you!
Avalanche is my preferred budget enchant.
Pretty much Avalanche until you can get yer hands on Landslide.

course avalanche works

Lowered proc rate past level 85 doesn't make it a viable option anymore.
EDIT: Fail. Meant "past level 80"
Avalanche is the Fiery Weapon to Landslide's Crusader.

course avalanche works

Avalanche for 346 and lower weapons

Landslide for above 346 weapons.

Avalanche (like Elemental Slayer and Mending) also has no ICD to limit how many times it can proc within a specific time frame.

Berserking is limited by an ICD

Landslide is obviously the better choice but until 4.1 hits to bring Maelstroms into a reasonably affordable range, Avalanche is the choice for non-epic weapons.

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