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Earthen Ring
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<<Updated 1/13/13>>

We are looking to add a couple of members to our family. We are Guild Level 25, of course we provide flasks, repairs, and food for all our raiders.

We are currently revamping our roster, and refocusing ourselves on having fun with good people. While we were driven to achieve and beat hard modes before, now our focus is on exploration, fun, and knocking out raid content at a casual and yet steady pace. We WILL do hard modes, we just won't sell our souls to get there.

Seraphim has a long history on ER, and our members have older ones yet dating back to Vanilla. Having founded Frost Watch, relaunched Order of Sanctus, and contributed to such high end guilds as Tempora Heroica, FoAT, Kane Mutiny, and many others.

Looking for a causal raid group that is focused, but still laid back and understanding in terms of life's demands? Maybe you just had a kid, got married, or got a promotion and need to scale back from your hectic raid schedule. Seraphim wants YOU!

Warning: Vent gets a little inappropriate at times so headsets are recommended

Our needs:
DPS- Shaman (any spec), Feral Druid/Boomkin, Ret Paladin, Death Knight, or Warriors.
Tank (Any class but Monks are welcome to apply)

We will make room for the right people.

We raid Tuesday and Thursday. Raid time starts at 8pm and ends at 11:00pm.

Send a tell to any member in game and ask for an officer for more info, or visit our website:
Just wanted to update our recruiting post:

Currently in need of the following:

1 Tank
1 Healer

All other tanks or healers will be considered with the exception of Warriors and Priests, there we are at saturation.

Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon.


Guild level 18 now and moving fast to 19! We are moving in the right direction!
Thanks X, and a quick update we are recruiting members of any class for our social/member ranks. We are looking for good people who are into a drama free guild that is set on progression. We have people on constantly, and to us it is about having fun while moving forward through Cata.

We are a raiding guild but we have a number of players who role-play, PVP, or just like to hang out and have a good time in vent and guild chat.

For more information just send any member a tell in game or visit our website.

Check out the website. We run heroics everyday and have a good raiding schedule. We are definately moving in the right direction
A little more about us, the guild name was picked by two of our founding members and is a tribute to a song in a series they were/are into. It is a great guild, one I am glad to be a part of, vent can be a bit spicy at times and we generally take it easy and joke during trash pulls but focus when on boss fights.

AT has made Cata better for me, and I appreciate each of our members new and old for their contributions. We miss those who have moved on and look forward to making new friends. So drop by the site or send me a tell.
We appear to be set on healers right now, still looking for a skilled tank and a couple more casual members who are just looking to hang out, run heroics, PVP, Raid, and or have fun at a casual pace.

Great group of people if I do say so myself, and we would love for you to be a part of it.
Currently looking to add one or two members of any class with a high raiding IQ. Maybe you were a die hard raider before but can't raid 5 hours a night 6 days a week anymore,but you still want to raid.

Maybe you had a kid, or your job changed, or you have school... whatever the reason if you are good people we are interested in getting to know you and adding you to our ranks.

Message Thornwood in game (any of the Thorns actually) or visit our site.
By way of update:

We just hit Guild Level 20, no small accomplishment for a ten man guild...

Our healing ranks are set, we could still use a reservist tank to round out our raiding core. Details are available on our website as to our guild, ranks, and our expectations.

By in large we are looking for experienced raiders, but people who perhaps can not maintain a 5 day a week raid schedule and have needed to step back a bit.

We welcome all applications to our member/casual ranks.

Area of extreme need:
DRUID... we DE a lot of leather and we do not have a solid druid available to raid with us so... yeah.


We are currently 3 of 4 in BoT, and 3 of 6 in BWD (We have not focused there, really focused on BoT at this time)

Love to add some social members, and at least one more raider reservist to our group. So if you have raiding experience, enjoy laughing, hanging out with good people, and beating new content Angels's Thesis is the guild for you.

Plus all the Charlies Angels jokes you can take.... who could ask for more?

We are currently looking for the following:

1 Reservist Healer (Druid, or Paladin preferred but we are open to all applications)
1 Reservist DPS (Druid, Lock, Ret Paladin preferred but we are open to all applications)

Beyond that we have room in the guild for anyone who is looking for a fun group of people focused on 10 man content, heroics, PVP, and just having a good time. I can honestly say that in all my 6 years of WoW I have never liked a group of people more. Always there to support each other, the guild, and work together towards a common goal.

You can't go wrong with the Angels on your side.

Hello all,

We are looking to add serveral members to our raiding team, if you have experience with raiding and are looking to join a guild that is focused on progression but at perhaps a slightly less than "hardcore" pace this is the guild for you. Any and all are welcome. No matter your class, spec, or race (yes even Gnomes).

We have a great core and we need to augment that and we need you to be a part of it. Please message myself, Pucko, Muirdis, Tereshka, Corannis, or Rakoi for more information Or visit our website and say hello there.


Tanks Healers, DPS, ALL wanted and needed. Come be a part of something special.
This is the perfect time to come on board, due to real life issues due to no fault of anyone's own we have full fledged raider spots open. While we will miss those who got us this far, and appreciate what they have done for the guild we need to keep moving forward and we need YOU to be a part of it.

Tanks, DPS, and Healers are all needed. PST to Thornwood or Thornbane (both me...) in game or visit our site for more information.

AT needs YOU!
I used to raid with a lot of these guys, they're a great group!
Thanks Aud, miss you hope all is well on your new server. We are still looking for experienced raiders. We have open spots immediately available for the right players. Send me a tell in game and we can discuss it.


bump for thorn <3
Thanks Ad, much respect.
Just an update, we are in need of one more healer and one MDPS to fill out our raid ranks. PST to me in game if you are interested or visit our site. Must have raid experience in game, be level 85, and be willing to have fun while putting in time learning new fights.

***Update 5/15***

We are moving along well, and our numbers are solid we could really use one healer and one tank to round out our team. Shoot me a tell in game or visit the site to apply as you see fit.

Great guild, just need to strengthen the numbers a bit with good people who have raid experience.


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