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I created a macro for my starsurge but, I cant fine any way to bind that macro to one of the letter keys. I wanted to try to bind it to the letter "R" but as im looking at the key binding options I don't see a key to bind a letter to a macro.

How can one bind a macro to a letter key?
Drag the macro onto an actionbar button, then bind that button to a key. You can't directly bind macros to keys; it has to be on a button first.
Ah nice, I can also see that I can hide the bars and it can still work.

03/18/2011 9:05 PMPosted by Icedragon
Drag the macro onto an actionbar button, then bind that button to a key. You can't directly bind macros to keys; it has to be on a button first.
Actually, you can bind a macro directly to a key using a bit of Lua scripting (although it's probably easier for not-quite-tech-savvy to just stick the macro on a button and bind the button).

/run SetBinding("MY-KEY-COMBO","MACRO MyMacroName")SaveBindings(2)
Bind the macro MyMacroName to the key combo My + Key + Combo and then save the currently loaded bindings to your character-specific bindings. Replace 2 with 1 to save to account-wide bindings instead.

Examples:/run SetBinding("SHIFT-CTRL-ALT-TAB","MACRO Thorns")SaveBindings(2)Binds the macro called Thorns to Shift + Ctrl + Alt + Tab and saves to character bindings.

run SetBinding("SHIFT-CTRL-5","MACRO Choon")SaveBindings(1)Binds the macro called Choon to Shift + Ctrl + 5 and saves to account bindings.
Thanks Choonster! I will have to remember that. :p
UGH...not tech savy and what i've tried hasn't worked.
scrubbing the deck and tried to use the /target deck stain keyed to 1 with 2 keyed to interact with target, like I saw on goggle.
anyone able to give more specific guidance?
I have tried EVERYTHING to make this work so i can figure out the rarity of critters before capturing but it won't work. copying and pasting the macro for rarity doesn't work at all. i have tried going to several sites but they all do that stupid wierd spacing on both sides, which i am afraid affects the macro.
This is (a) an old thread; (b) an *unrelated* thread; (c) not a beginner question. Please start a new thread in the UI/Macros forum for your question.
how do i bind buttons to keys i need this plz answer
hit the escape key, select the keybind menu.

all your options are in there.
06/19/2014 07:26 PMPosted by Usuk
how do i bind buttons to keys i need this plz answer

Keybinds are basically assigning keybord keys and mouse keys to specific in-game functions and action bar slots. Many game functions already have keybinds associated with them.

The main action bar buttons are default key-bound to the 1 through = buttons above your alpha keys on the keyboard. C is default bound to your character window (where you can see your gear, reputation, stats, and currencies). WASD are default to forward, left, right, and backwards, and there's about a hundred more possible things that are either keybound to something by default OR have no keybind but you can set them to something if you want to.

To change the keybinds of most anything in the game, just go to the keybinding option on the game's main menu, find the option you want to change in the gigantic list, and then click on the box next to it that has it's current keybind. Then just press the keyboard or mouse button you want to change it to. If the keyboard or mouse button you pick is already assigned to something else, you'll get a little message at the bottom of the keybind window saying "<game function> is now unbound to ____" and if that's a game function you care about, you'll have to go find it in the list and give it a new keybind (potentially unbinding something else). Keep going until everything is set up the way you want.

Oh and next time you have a question you should make your own thread in this forum and ask it there. Old threads often contain outdated information, and newbies don't usually know what info is old and what's new. It's best to start your own thread when you have questions rather than resurrect a long dead thread with bad info, that way said outdated info is not mingling with current info on the front of this forum.
that was WAY more detail than I was willing to go into :P

(i was sort of hoping that seeing the ingame menu, helped it to explain itself!)
06/19/2014 08:08 PMPosted by Nobully
that was WAY more detail than I was willing to go into :P

Yeah, I know. I do tend to over explain things sometimes, even in face-to-face conversations.

It's because I find that whenever I don't, leaving out the parts I think are self-explanatory, the person I'm talking to inevitably completely misunderstands what I'm trying to tell them. So I err on the side of saying EVERYTHING, rather than have someone not understand what I'm saying because our brains work too differently and what I think is obvious, they don't.
There is no "Undo" it, really. Bindings are saved by WoW and synced to your account.

The easy way to "Undo" it is just go to the keybinding UI, use the bind (shift-ctrl-5 in your example) for something else, save, then unbind it and save again.

I have the suspicion that if you put "" instead of "MACRO Choon" it would unbind it with the same method.

In fact, the binds you make with Bindpad will act the same way. Unless you use "bindpad macros", you can disable it and still use the binds afterwords.
This is great, what is the code for tilde? the ` key ?

Tried tilde and ` but didn't work.

Thanks in advance.
It looks like this is the third necro of this thread. Please don't dredge up threads from 2011 in this forum. The way the game changes so fast, there is likely to be no longer accurate information in the earlier responses.

I suspect you will get better answers to a question this technical in the Macros forum. We tend to answer more general questions here.

Then again, maybe someone else has the answer.
05/24/2015 05:00 AMPosted by Zhodani
This is great, what is the code for tilde? the ` key ?

Tried tilde and ` but didn't work.

You don't use keyboard keys as commands, you use game functions as commands, and assign those commands to a key or key sequence.

You just pick an action bar slot, find it's label in the keybinds menu (actionbarslot 1, for example), then click on the spot where it's current assignment is listed, then hit the tilde key, then save at the bottom.

And Gungarsaur is correct, please make your own thread next time when you have a question. This game changes too frequently and drastically for old threads to be reliable.
A really easy way to make keybinds is to download Clique from and just hover over the spell and click the key you want while in the keybinding mode.

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