[H] Lnertia LFM!

Hello Aman'Thul.

We are raiding guild with a more casual approach, with raiding attendance of only for 2-3 nights a week, and we are currently 7/7 and 1/7(H) in Firelands progression.

We currently aren't recruiting any more for our core progression team, however we have a second group up and running. Ranged dps would be preferred, however exceptional applications will always be considered.

Our requirements are:

• Over 18, the guild consists of mature members with mature themes.
• Ventrillo, with the willingness to be an effective communicator when required.
• Good knowledge of your class and being capable of playing it.
• Some previous raiding experience, Firelands experience would be a bonus.

If you are keen, please submit an application on our forums.

If you have any questions about the guild, our raids or our recruitment process, please /who Lnertia (yep thats with an L) and someone will direct you to an officer to chat with.
Bump for one of the most retardedly awesome guilds on the server. And BT goodness.
Nothing like a warm glass of BT goodness..........*bump*
Quick nurse.
We need 10cc's of bumpage.
lnertia!! <3
Shout out for Horde guilds, and Inertia - my original home when I first came to AT years ago. Inertia is one of those guilds who survives, doesn't make a lot of noise, and gets stuff done. Keep it up!

- Moss
raided with your guys pug last night of 25man bwd on my hunter snoyarc would love a home here on aman thul but am wondering your raid times?
Our raids usually start around 8.30ish and we usually wrap up around 11-11.30. Sometimes (usually Sundays) we might start a little earlier.
9/10 buntz's agree
Get around it!
or on it?

Currently chasing 1 awesome paladin healer.
currently 5/7 firelands.
Original post updated with our new requirements.
A most outstanding group of individuals. Seriously awesome people, join them and OBEY!
6/7 crosshairs on the rag.
Getting yo recruiting on boi!

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Bump It for my Inertians and Chromaggus agrees as well.

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