Cool/Badass warrior names

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I used Slowbleed for a while, was sadly taken last time I transferred servers :(
Idk, I like mine though, since I'm prot :/
Custom tailored for kicking your ass.
I am Drizzt's father, even he would have to tremble before my rage.
<--- the manliness cannot be contained.
I'm just full of rage
<------ Have used this name for dwarf tanks through several games.
<-- Best one of all

Can't break my strut >:l
Notatank =P
03/23/2011 08:12 PMPosted by Slaming
there is a warrior on my server named sixpounder, i guess its in reference to colonial fire arms but its a badass name imo
A dwarf female named "Huggies!"




Something w/ "bully" for tauren

I like this thread, I need a new name because everyone calls me "Rag" for short, dunno if I'm down with that.
04/30/2011 08:14 AMPosted by Graull
I got mine from an orc chieftan in the Drizzt series.

What about Obould Many-Arrows he was a pimpy orc with his firey greatsword.

Gruumsh (orc deity)

Dunno never really liked the Ikilluded type names but to each his own.
<--got em all beat

Wow. That is my name irl. With a space after the sam of course.

So yes... this wins.
+1 nerd cred if you can figure out where my name came from without googling it.

Well, maybe more like loser cred.
Not my name, the name i have though, Exitstance (Exit Stance - Existence)

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