Cool/Badass warrior names

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The best warrior name is RAGE in caps BECAUSE WE NEED MORE RAGE ALL THE TIME SO MUCH RAGE MAGES DIE LOOKING AT US, I NEED RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously best name is RAGE.

I'll have to agree Rage would be the best name. Also high on the list would be Adrenaline and Testosterone.
<------ honestly
<--got em all beat
<------ honestly

Personally I'd perfer 'Warmonger' lol :P
<------- Is this not the best of the best? Yes it is the best of the best.
ill go with the majority

snapnbonz, grimaxe, cleavatron anything that has to do with physical dmg like bones breaking or decapitations. =)
My server wouldnt allow for Azzinoth. But close enough.

If youre a hardcore tank, something like "Abram" would be cool.

I originally wanted "Warglaive" but again my server didnt like it.
TryIt < however you'll find ppl taking you up on that offer.
Expendable < probably my favorite now maybe i'll change my name
I like Bruiser as Warrior name. I also think Grindsaw would be a pretty sweet name.
MACHOMANRANDYSAVAGE! but that is a few too many letters.

instead i say go with Big@@%#playa.
wow really it passes the name generator but it can't be posted on the forums? LAAAME
I like my name. I've had it since Vanilla was released.



used throughout vanilla to lichking... not no more tho

All hail Brewmaster, the Brewmaster.

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