Tichondrius PvE Guilds and Progression

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Heroic Majorhomo staghelm dead.
The Vindictive (10 man) is now 7/7.
Invidious been 7/7 for weeks now (I just got mine, Loxie or Mulchie has the original date)
Oblivion 5/7H 10-man: http://img688.imageshack.us/img688/866/wowscrnshot081111000424.jpg http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/l3td4odt077u02fn/dashboard/?s=8328&e=8900
Heroic Alysrazor downed by Are You Down 3/7HM now.
heroic beth dead
can i join the guild or whatever i don't really understand any of this but i just want to find a raiding guild for fire-lands so i can get some pve gear...
H-Beth down
I demand to be ranked. I've killed H Shannonx 10 on my paladin and DK, Muuthor. I've also done H Rhyo 10 on my DK and H Bird 10 and H Domo 10 on my paladin.
Heroic Rhyolith finally down to poor decisions.
H-Alysrazor down. DOMO NEXT!!
Playground Legends is 3/7 heroic 10m. Heroic Shannox, Heroic Alysrazor and Heroic Domo down.
added Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest
heroic rag down. incoming vid soon

video will probably come next week after the "planned" nerf that blizzard posted.

currently only have the unedited video with our strat/vent. Will sell for huge prices PST

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