Tichondrius PvE Guilds and Progression

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09/22/2011 06:20 PMPosted by Wildclaw
Last tier we had Patsu and Petah tanking, we ALL know how Jman feels about them tanks!
I think I only had a problem with petahs tanking once and it was during one night of our heroic cho'gall attempts.

I specifically remember Patsu informing us that you whispered him by mistake saying "see how terrible these tanks are" I assume you were whispering Cire as that specific day she helped us out.

I can only assume what else was said, so I will not. Eitherway! Our "terrible" run came out as #1 , Thanks to all of our supporters!

and Thanks to everyone in DpS, Even the Petah fanboys that are at an all-time-high.

changed format a bit, hopefully its good enough
Playground Legends is now 6/7 HM and working on Heroic Rag 10m

whale shark down!

2manned wit my gf on 10/5/11
Wow Spif...
Shannox, Beth, Rhyolith, and Baleroc (normal) down to Execution making us 4/7. I would also like to add our guild website is executionguild.wowstead.com
Alysrazor and Staghelm down to Execution, 6/7 Normal.

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