Tichondrius PvE Guilds and Progression

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Hi Magambo, Asphyxia is a 10-man raiding guild with 8/13 progression, having recently killed Heroic Al'Akir. We have four 10-man groups with varying schedules. The other three 10-man groups are either close to being 12/12 or entering heroic modes now.

Our website is

Thanks for organizing this list!
Hey magambo

Harmonium is 8/13 in 10man and 25man if you can update that I would appreciate it

many thanks.

Congratulations on your new kills!
Asphyxia's 10-man killed Heroic Omnotron and are now 9/13.

Thanks again Magambo.

We dropped [H] 25 Omnitron tonight.

Also I see you have our website, could you add our raid times? (Tues/Weds/Thurs 6-10pm server)

Thanks man.
Change 'Divine' to 'Damage per Second' and finally decided to kill council last night so we're 13/13.
updated (yesterday)
Oblivion downs heroic Nef 06/07/2011 for 9/13, please update.
<cutebabyelephants> also conquered Heroic Cho'Gall in the last week on 10m. :3 Thank you very much!
Grats DEER! #1
Pushed a lil progression 10man style this week, Al'akir down as well. 10/13 10-man, while still 8/13 25-man
if magambo spent as much time to recruit as he does to update this thread, symbolic would at least be 11/13...AT LEAST!!!
I guess recruits don't just come to me like women do irl
I guess recruits don't just come to me like women do online

Fixed. =)
Wasn't Oblivion's nef kill on 10man?

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