Tichondrius PvE Guilds and Progression

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can someone confirm?

and updated for most wanted
Oblivion is now 11/13
Heroic chogall is downed today
10man? also 10man nef?
@Rivalz and @Difficulty, yes, Oblivion is 8/13 25H and 11/13 10H. As stated by Cleanser a week ago:

06/09/2011 09:33 PMPosted by Cleanser
Pushed a lil progression 10man style this week, Al'akir down as well. 10/13 10-man, while still 8/13 25-man

Sorry Slapsh0t and Eternía were not clear(er).
Harmonium is now 11/13 10man with Alakir,Chogall and Neferian down and 8/13 for 25man
Cho'gall 25 down.
Updated for Symbolic and Harmonium. Thanks for the confirmation Oblivion.

Also, starting next week I'm going to consolidate the T11 list into a Top 5 25-man and Top 5 10-man in order to make room for T12. T12 progression will be tracked the same way as T11 unless there's a change with how heroic modes are implemented.

Good luck to all our Tichondrius guilds as we step into 4.2!!! It should provide us with more fun times :)
OP please update please update op thread please

op come on

Poor Decisions dropped Shannox 25m normal.
Symbolic Beth'tilac 25m
DpS 7/7


+ sulfuras hammer

Are You Done has dropped Shannox and Beth'tilac 10m.
Oblivion, Shannox and Alysrazor 10m down

I died, Buttpie died, then Beth the Spiderwoman (25) died.
Are You Done has dropped Shannox, Beth'tilac, Alysrazor, and Lord Rhyolith in 10 man.

Oblivion 6/7 10m
Malicious - Shannox & Beth'tilac 25M down.

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