BM PvP Guide

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Ok. Let's get this straight. I am not the author of this. I'm just a humble tank who's fascinated with the tank like things a good hunter can do.

So, what I'd like to do is pass along good information. Feel free to post whatever constructive criticism you may have.

For myself, the author's post came at a clutch time. I had been doing well on my hunter in pve, but when I turned to pvp, well things were quite different. I really struggled to find the spec to use and the spec to fit my play style. By the time I read the original post, I was pretty much sure BM was the pvp spec for me. The original post confirmed that AND gave me some really good ideas to boot.
Due to popular demand I think its time I put up a guide, I've reached 2300 this season as BM and plan on hitting glad.

The basics: Beast mastery and you
Beast Mastery focuses on high pet damage, mobility and the ability to survive onslaughts that marksman and survival can not pull off while dealing aggressive damage in return. The trade off of this talent tree is pet micro management and loss of powerful shots such as chimera/aimed/explosive, in return for pet damage and heavy focus on kill command as our main "shot"

There are currently 3 variants of viable BM PVP specs playing all 3 I've found alll 3 have the ups and downs and haven't made up my mind which is the best yet. All three are very changeable to best suit your individual needs. For convience I'd added glyphs to this


This spec has the most survivability of all 3 and provides great support with entrapment and survival tactics, points can be shifted from imp SrS to the 2% haste if desired. I've ran it successfully vs many 2200+ comps and have found entrapment to be a must have sometimes vs alot of melee cleaves. Its a very anti melee spec, always keep raptor strike up if your being focused.

This build you sacrifice the entrapment/survival tactics for more pet damage
Sic em works amazing well with Cobra strikes + wild hunt for loads of hard hitting pet crits, while maintaining the extra 15% HP for more survivability. From experience I've had my pets basic attacks critting consecutively for 10-12k with good procs on these abilities.

Steady Shot BM. Surprising this build works VERY well under right conditions if you maintain ISS/focus fire for strong burst windows outside of CDS. This build has the strongest burst potential out of all 3 specs when getting ISS/FF and rapid fire up in conjuction with trinkets/bw and racial if your an orc. Very strong global potential you'll feel almost like a ranged fury warrior.

There are different variations for each build and all should be played according to playstyle and preferance.

Q. Why don't you pick up Kindred spirits?
A. The loss of 10 focus is paltry and can be better invested in other talents for better damage/survivability.

Q. Why don't you maximize and get Killing Streak?
A. I've tried multiple builds in games all the way to 2300 from 0, ontop of our many team restarts to farm MMR. While clutch 40k KC's can be nice with enraged pet + KS up the proc simply isn't up often enough to be viable, furthermore it has way to short of duration on window to use it most of time.

Q. Why do you have 2/2 mend pet in every build?
A. It is an absolute must to play as BM, when your bread and butter is focused on your pet, its a bit contradicting to the build to not take the one talent that keeps him out of all cc's and dispels him quite rapidly to keep him on target 100% of time nearly.

Q. Should I stack crit or mastery?
A. I have personally experimented with both and have noticed great results on each side, its hard to have a final determing factor, both can be done viably for good results, this comes down more of a matter of personal choice, I personally feel mastery is best stacked with the 31/7/3 build and the 31/10/0 build for maxium damage you can put out.

Q. What pet should I run with, ferocity or cunning?
A. I have ran with both and have had great results with both. While Call of the wild from ferocity pets can be game changing along with instant rezz and loads of damage.
We've also won ALOT of games with my silithid, the 28 second CD on root and 42 second on ROS can be very game changing as well. This will come down to personal preferance and what comp you run with. For greatest survivability I would run 31/0/9 and silithid pet and for maxium damage 31/10/0 with devilsaur..
Inside arena, BM has the greatest burst potential out of all three talent trees and can be devastating to unprepared opponents.

Easiest macro to use would be
#showtooltip Beastial Wrath
/cast Beastial Wrath
/cast Rapid Fire
/cast Call of the Wild <--(Ferocity pet)
/cast Roar of Recovery <--(cunning pet)
/cast Blood Fury <--(Orc racial)
/use 13 <--(PVP trinket)

This would be your ultimate damage macro, pretty self explanatory. You should save one like this for a moment when you know enemy healer has already used their trinket and would be vulnerable to a well timed CC chain. Use Beastial Wrath by itself for opening pressure along with scatter/traps in conjuction with team mates CC to set them behind, saving a macro like this for pushing a team to a point of no return on next BW, we'll call it your ultimate one, when they have no trinkets left and generally no defensive CDs either if you've adminstered enough pressure at this point.
Pets how to spec them?
As much damage as you could possibly pick up in your pet. Cookie cutter would be

This is my devilsaur, points can be spread around as desired depending on your team classes. I choose not to get charge because it would put my warriors stuns on DR and make him a very unhappy one. You can quite easily move the point out of boars speed into charge or heart of the phoenix, whatever you feel comfortable with

This is my silithid
Cunning pet.

Spec'd for maxium damage, owls focus works amazingly well with Sic'em in MM tree builds for hard hitting chain criticals from pets, the synergy of it ties in well with Cobra Strikes (next 2 basic attacks will be critical from pet if you score critical with arcane shot) Wild hunt giving them 120% additional damage from always being topped on focus from barely using it, further empowered by Sic em, owls focus. I don't pick up feeding frenzy because targets aren't sub 35% long enough for it to be attractive.

These are two examples of our many pet choices and talent builds to go with and should give you an idea of what you need to be looking for.

Kill Command
#showtooltip Kill command
/use !Aspect of the Hawk
/cast Kill Command

Focus intimidation on pet
#showtooltip Intimidation
/petattack [@focus,exists]
/cast dash
/cast intimidation

Focus Scare beast (For them pesky druids and other hunter pets)
#showtooltip Scare Beast
/cast [target=focus,exists][harm] Scare Beast

Focus Moth Silence
#showtooltip Serenity Dust
/cast [target=focus,exists][harm] Serenity Dust

Silithid Web Root
#showtooltip Venom Web Spray
/cast [pet:Silithid] Venom Web Spray

Focus pet charge
#showtooltip Charge
/cast [target=focus,exists]

Pet Intervene (works very well when your healer calls out he is scattered, if you decide to run with a tank pet for any reason)

#showtooltip Intervene
/cast [target=mouseover,help,exists][help][target=player] Intervene

This one is from AJ macro list (compliments to you guys love your threads!)
#showtooltip Raptor Strike
/cast Raptor Strike

This one works great if you have melees on you and wanna get a raptor strike up for the 20% damage reduction while staying on your target (also works great if anyone is in melee range of you for that reason, reccomend not used during dueling in durotar fyi)

Spirit beast heal
/cast [@Yournamehere] Spirit Mend

For pet being tunneled and in a danger zone
(make sure both are off autocast!!!!)
Bullheaded is cunning only talent.

#showtooltip bullheaded
/cast cower
/cast bullheaded

This will provide your cunning pet 60% damage reduction and most certainly prevent a kill on him if a team makes an attempt at it
Adept ember topez - 20 agi 20 mastery!
Lots of them if your going mastery BM!

Deadly ember topez- 20 agi 20 critical strike rating!
Lots of these if you intend on crit BM, only use these as fillers.
Otherwise wise +40 agi are preferred for crit bm
Sensei's dream emerald +20 mastery +20 hit
(mastery bm only to keep yourself above hit without reforging to it)
Fractured amberjewel + 40 mastery (I use 1 in my chest.
Meta- Agile Shadowspirit 54 agi and 3% increased critical strike rating
Glove enchant +50 mastery
Cloak +50 crit
Boots + assasins step if you can afford it otherwise +35 agility will work.
Legs 190AP 55 crit.
As LW 130 agi to bracers, and I'm inscription so I use 130 Agi and 25 mastery to shoulders
Helm 60 agi 35 resil.
My current build will reflect a plethora of +20 agi +20 mastery gems and entire reforge to mastery, I am currently testing numbers and spec potentals with this, including a +40 mastery in there. Currently I am at 1104 mastery rating, 23% increased pet damage. the results are unpredictable at most, but I've incurred alot of "Hunter pet needs nerf comments" in durotar.

General Play style and advice.

BM can be devastating and enjoyable when played right and frustrating when you make errors and manage pet poorly. Its all about taking the time to get comfortable with this play style and work on your pet management and macro useage.

An example of some of things I do as BM, and what you could as well will be found below.

When running with a moth pet, you have an interrupt + 4 second lockout on demand.
If you know a healer has trinketed already you can unleash devastating CC chains as BM that far surpasses Marksman capabilites.

Use focus scatter macro (borrowed from arena junkies!)
#showtooltip Scatter Shot
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cancelaura Deterrence
/use [mod][@mouseover,harm][@focus,harm][]scatter shot

Followed by Focus intimidation (listed above) with a follow up trap
I strongly advise following pet stun with a trap due to RNG scatter walking problems.
cake a moth silence ontop of this during BW + CDs can yield kills very easily when pulled off nicely

For those to lazy to calculate, 4 seconds of scatter + 3 second stun + 8 seconds of trap + 4 second silence gives you 19 seconds of CC all by yourself! This is of course you practice not being juked (assuming players know what moth ability is, not many care or invest interest in hunter pets) These can be very clutch during matches.

For those who miss MM silence. Nether Ray isn't to bad as BM, its silence is interrupt +2 second lockout, 8 second more on CD then SiS, just requires alittle more skill and timing. Moth is 42 second CD on silence for those wondering as BM.

Always always spend the GCD to keep mend pet up (easy to lose track of it sometimes)
To keep your pet on target, keep him topped off and prevent hardswaps to them.
If a team is LOSing make sure to pull your pet back, its essential you do not lose it and can cost you a match if he isn't ferocity with heart of the phoenix. I highly do not reccomend pet swapping during arena matches, while some hunters can manage this manuever, its alot easier to target a pet with 6k HP for multiple seconds and 1 shot it. As BM this will ruin your day.

I highly advise NOT using tenacity pets. While some of their abilities may be fanciful and we tend to be afflicted with unique snowflake syndrome when it comes to pet. They simply do not have the damage to be viable arena pets at higher ratings. When your focus is on raw damage and slaughter, you don't want mr tanky the rhino whackin someone for lower damage. While I have personally tried rhinos in the arena at 2k+ rating, it was not a succesful endeavor. Though humerously we did win a few matches when I had rhino toss someone across map, like off blades edge bridge for example at clutch times or onto lower level of sewers when they are LOSing in dal. While it can brighten your day at lower rating, and even be fun, this isn't a good idea to try out higher up.
Edit: (a certain horde race, with tusks) hunters using the 31/10/0 build are currently the only hunters in game capable of hitting 100% haste in PVP combat.
The key to this is to drop kill shot glyph for rapid fire glyph.
Wait for focus fire to come up, once its ready get improved steady shot going (should be up anyway) and pop rapid fire along with it

Under these conditions.
Rapid fire glyphed 50% haste
(a certain horde race, with tusks) Racial 20% haste
Focus fire 15% haste
Improved steady shot 15% haste
Total- 100% haste self buffed
You add Beastial Wrath, PVP Trinket, Call of the Wild- somebody is in for a pain train, this 100% haste setup is unique to (a certain horde race, with tusks) only remember, but well worth specializing into to catch unsuspecting enemies by surprise with unheard of burst.
About me:

For those who might ask, I personally do not enjoy MM playstyle in arena anymore. It can be way to vulnerable at times to dedicated melee cleaves + unholy plays. Having your damage shut down and stress on your healer can be infuriating at times.

I find BM to be a very fun spec to play with its plethora of anti tunnel capabilities (looking at you crouching tiger hidden chimera!) With deterrence up every 30 seconds when range tunnels and disengage always up when you need it (coupled with raptor strike glyph) BM's a very hard targets to effectively kill or lock down. Playing with the 32/0/9 Spec and silithid you become a very tanky target, ontop of all your survivability and 42 second CD on RoS your a very unviable target to take down by melee and ranged.

Would I ever play MM in arena again?
Probally not, it just seems to lackluster and heavily depends on readiness.

BM is garbage you'll never see glad Mr. X!
I've heard this a few times, but you know what, I'm quite happy to reach 2300 as BM and keep pushing for glad, WHILE enjoying my time in arena, I watched Squanky lose multiple games on his stream and kept thinking, man if he was BM he would have dominated them and never got sat on by that DK. Even our multi-glad heros have their preferred play styles but at this point in arena, I think BM personally has the edge it needs to survive the onslaught of all these melee cleaves and comps with tunnel and kill the hunter syndrome ( We all know how many of them are out there)

everyone is gonna have their own play style and choice, but at this point in mechanics/focus I just don't think MM/SV has the fortitude to hold up to players who aren't prodigys at this broken class, like Sparky, Squanky, Getnerded. While we all envision ourselves being able to play at their level, most of us simply cannot.
They are veteran and expert hunters who can just make things work.
BM is a much more easy going talent tree + play style, and alot more forgiving then MM will ever be in arena, i'd highly advise newer hunters and average hunters to give it a try. Perhaps it might make your enjoyment of the class go up a bit more and offer alittle less frustration then MM's disciplined unforgiving play style (one mistake is all it takes remember that!)
Let me stress again. I am not the original author of this post. I don't have any uber ratings. I'm just here to enjoy the game during my off hours. For me this post by Mr. X was so helpful. If it is for you, great! If not, okay too.

This guide helped me a lot. I'd love see some questions answered by Mr. X. Like did he try a shale spider? What's he do against certain comps? What pet does he start with? How does he feel about core hounds?

Personally, I'd like to hear more from him, either here or on a blog somewhere (hint, hint). I've got a lot to learn about this class and this has been one of the more useful posts I've come across.

Thank you Mr. X*!

*Name withheld for security reasons.
It's cool Praetin. Keep it. I don't know if this post will even make it without being removed. But the information is just too good not to be out there.
Yes, Egolas. It's not often I find a really good post like the original author's. But the guide was really helpful.
Don't bother Praetin. If it goes it's not worth the effort. That's kind of why I removed the original author's name and any reference to (a certain horde race, with tusks). I only posted this for the sake of hunters. No need to fight the fight, just keep good hunter information going.
Glad to see this return. Not sure who is reporting this post but someone did. They should be disciplined themselves for their false trolling reporting.
Hope this time it stays around.

edit: I sticky requested this. Hopefully Blizzard wont be stupid a second time and delete some golden information that the whole community could use such as this.

Sticky requests are marked with the same symbol as reported posts.

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