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Death Knight
As I see more and more threads appearing asking about what caps are necessary for a death knight and what their general stat priority is I thought I would add this thread to hopefully prevent further needless threads being posted. Note that all of this information is available in a myriad of other places so this thread might just be another thing death knights completely ignore when figuring out their characters.

Keep in mind that caps are the same for all melee characters, the thing that changes is the necessity of meeting those caps.

Melee Special Hit Cap/2H Hit Cap: 8% hit, 120 hit rating per 1% hit, 960 hit to become capped
Spell Hit Cap: 17% hit, 102 hit rating per 1% spell hit, 1734 hit to become capped
Melee Dual Wield White Hit Cap: 27%, 3240 hit to become capped
Expertise Cap: 26 expertise, 30 expertise rating per 1 expertise, 780 expertise to become capped

ALL death knights now have a free 9% to hit via Runic Focus so that meeting the melee hit cap will always allow you to reach the spell hit cap as well.

Dual Wield Frost:
- Free 3% hit via Nerves of Cold Steel
- Hit still has a value after cap but in general should be capped at 5% from rating, 8% from rating and talents
- Expertise cap is necessary
- Stat Priority: Strength -> Hit -> Expertise -> Mastery -> Crit -> Haste -> Extra Hit

2H Frost:
- Expertise cap is necessary
- Hit has no value after 8% cap but all 8% must be gained from items/enchants/reforges
- Stat Priority: Strength -> Hit -> Expertise -> Haste -> Mastery -> Crit

2H Unholy:
- Expertise is devalued
- Hit has no value after 8% cap but all 8% must be gained from items/enchants/reforges
- Stat Priority: Strength -> Hit -> Haste -> Mastery -> Expertise -> Crit

Things to remember:
- Draenei get a passive 1% hit for themselves
- The following races get a passive 3 expertise with certain weapons: Dwarves (maces), Gnomes (1H swords), Humans (swords and maces), Orcs (axes)
- Expertise over cap is always a waste unless you spend all of your time attacking bosses from the front (even then it's still not very worthwhile)
- Hit over cap does zilch for Unholy and 2H Frost, in general it will be worth less than all other secondary stats for DW Frost
- When gearing you should generally aim for higher STRENGTH PLATE ilvl items as they will typically be a dps increase even if their secondary stats are less desirable for you
- Reforging is your friend, it makes gear that should suck be awesome
- Generally speaking you should avoid gemming for hit or expertise and, if possible, avoid enchanting it as well, again, reforge it if you need it

Hope this is helpful to at least a few people out there, please post if you see something I omitted or overstated and I'll try to update it.

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