Can i get a refund on my wow subscription?

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I have played wow for 4.5 years and this expansion is just not my thing. I am not going into the reasons why I don't like it but I am moving on to another MMO and would like my large balance of subscription back thanks.
You're going to need to call billing and ask. They are the only ones who can decide on such matters.
As Mewn said, only billing can make the determination if you can get a refund for something that you signed a contract stating that you would be ineligible for.
As I understand it, they generally don't give refunds, though they may be more inclined if you're asking for a refund of unused time, rather than trying to refund 4.5 years (which they presumably would flat-out refuse, since you played that time).
i have 4-5 months left paid
03/27/2011 10:17 AMPosted by Necro
i have 4-5 months left paid

You're going to still need to contact billing. Normally they do not do refunds on prepaid time like this, but it never hurts to ask.
03/27/2011 10:17 AMPosted by Necro
i have 4-5 months left paid

But i would not count on a refund. If you read the terms of sale on your receipt all sales are final no refunds. If you were not sure then why did you not pay month to month instead of in advance for 6 months. If you do get a refund it will be credited to the original credit card purchased it,
As the others have indicated, Necro, it is very unlikely we would be able to issue a full refund to the extent you are requesting in your first post. However, our Billing & Account Services Department may be able to be of help in some way.

You would need to discuss this matter with them personally for such assistance.

Billing & Account Services

Hours: 7 AM to 8 PM Pacific Standard Time

How to contact:
Phone: 1-800-592-5499
Argentina: 0800-333-0778
Australia: 1-800-041-378
Chile: 1230-020-5554
Mexico: 001-888-578-7628

Web form:

Best wishes in all that which you choose to pursue in the future. >^.^<
Its been 6 month rolling subscription. I had my doubts about Cata when it came out and now I am sure I do not want to continue. I use all my free time grinding 5+ hours doing randoms trying to gear my four 85's up.

In wrath i could raid pretty much every day for the 4-5hrs and get a ton of badges plus gear my toon. Now in this expansion all that time is taken up with doing heroics every single day. Whats changed? Umm LFG is a nightmare 30-40min qeues for my dps and 10-20 for my healer. THen to top it off tank only runs for a drop from the first boss then bails. Or is so bad at the mechanics he quits Or the healer says the tanks taking to much damage and leaves its constant battle to complete instances. Then tanks or healers get a instance they dont want to run they just leave. Meaning i have to sit and wait for another one.
Necro, have you called billing yet? You do not need to justify yourself here because nobody can help you. Billing will either say yes or no.

In the future if you have doubts about something such as a new expansion, consider changing your subscription to something smaller until you're sure.
If you have feedback regarding the state of the game, Necro, it would be best posted in our General forum or the forum most appropriate to your issue. It sounds like you have valuable thoughts regarding the LFD system, and those would be better received in our Dungeons & Raids forum.

Our Community Managers read those forums and gather feedback to pass on to our developers, and they are most interested to hear your voice. I'm afraid those of us who man this forum as Support Forum Agents do not act as the same sort of liaisons to the developers.
thanks for the help I called them thanks.
Did you get a refund??
erm, Tect? This thread is over a year old >.>
I don't think the OP is still around....
05/15/2012 08:37 PMPosted by Tectonic
Did you get a refund??

I know for a fact he did not get a refund for the 4.5 years of time he paid for and certainly enjoyed that entire time.
05/15/2012 08:46 PMPosted by Hathios
Did you get a refund??

I know for a fact he did not get a refund for the 4.5 years of time he paid for and certainly enjoyed that entire time.

He was looking for a refund on the 4-5 months of time he has paid for with his automatically renewing subscription.

Was there anything you needed help with or were trying to help with?
Seeing as how the OP was still playing 9 months after this post, I doubt a refund happened. He also didn't seem to really want to leave since he was playing in Dec of 2011.

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