Is any Potion can be used in Arena?

I am a alchemist, I am just wondering, is there any potions I can make for myself, and use in Arena?

Just trying to make the Alchemist's ONLY trinklet +40% potion effectiveness more useful.
bump. also wondering about this

asked this in prof forums too, but got on response
No, you can't
FRom what I know you can use your own flasks if you;re an alchemist, one thats binded to you, not sure of a potion
No, you don't get to use potions in arena. You get a stat boost like every other profession.

Here you go: Flask of Enhancement
awww :(

wtb 85 version of endless potions
Used to be able to use Endless Healing Potion and Endless Mana Potion , but only Flask of Enhancement can be used now.

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