Your highest crit?

Last night during heroic hagara using t11 pre-pull guardian with pot/wings/zeal/creche I hit for a 110k TV which equals out to about 170k. On that same fight using same method with H AoK instead of creche i've hit for 107k TVs that combined with my passive 43.7% mastery+inq+Apparatus equals out to about 230k ish >.>
I crit myself with my WoG for 95k, which was over healed so i received a 95k shield :D thus allowing me to survive impale on heroic DW ( oh and this was after the green platform, so no healing buff )

I'm gonna miss these moments when we lose this ability in MoP.
Hit a clothie in TB the other day for 91k, no lie,
I've one shot a few terribly geared people with TV(if you count TV damage seal and mastery) inside of bgs.
Non gimmick fight with everything lit up, and all procs up about a 190k or so factoring in Hand of Light.
PvP crits max was about 90k
PvE crits max was about 120k
What I remember (screen cap)

62k crit


27k dps

I was fully raid buffed.

And it was my first day back after a 4 month hiatus.
On Ultra my TV crits for over 100k with golemblood potion, guardian, zealotry, wings and my eye of unmaking stacked to 10. It's godly.
Around 120k on the TV itself. I use Apparatus of Khaz'goroth at the moment as well when I throw up my wings, so the HoL on the back end was close to 125k. So about 245 in a single strike.
61k tv on 4700 resil mage. i win
90k as tank in 4.1 when ZG /ZA had just been re-released. Sure, it was in PvE but I was tank specced :P. This was with wings & inquisition.
I don't use any special adding for combat text, so many times I never get to see how hard my attacks hit since the in game floating combat text decides to display a SoT tick or hand of light damage instead.

That said, the highest I've recently seen was a TV crit with wings popped for 82k.
I've gotten a 68k and then a 84k on two rogues doing TB dailies. It was my fault they died, I thought I was only ganking one not two rogues. It was a good day when you start !@#$ and all your cool downs are up and ready to be used.
80k physical TV on warlord and a 160k exorcism (Cant remember which boss) were my highlights.
68k TV on a resilience-less mage.
My highest crit was 1200k hit i was like WTF, well I've seen my friend do 10000k hit in raids.
I got a 75k HoW as holy on a warrior in 2s once. Was quite yolo.
It's sad to personally experience these numbers myself and know that I can hop on my lock and casually crit 300-400k with a chaos bolt.
110k crit TV on another ret

highest HoW Ive had was 70k
300k in Prot spec w/ A FREAKING JUDGEMENT. Don't think I even had wings or Holy Avenger up.

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